"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 22, 2011

Never Blog Right Before……You Know

Don’t ever think you can come up with a blog post that won’t come out sounding like a pity party if you are close to getting “your friend” this month.  Just walk away for a day or two until your hormones have a chance to coincide with your brain and the two are getting along again.

Because if you do try to blog, you’ll find yourself saying things like.

  • Nobody reads my blog, I think I’ll just make it private.
  • My blog is stupid.
  • Who really cares about what I do any way?
  • I’ve been blogging for 4 years and still don’t have a niche’. Why can’t I find a niche? Everyone else has a niche’.  Where’d they find their niche?
  • Why doesn’t everyone realize that I’m just as entertaining as the Pioneer Woman and cook just as good and live the same life just without the cows and pasture and cowboys and Bassett hounds and kitties and money and……

Do you see how ugly this can get? Just walk away. Don’t do it. Go take a hot shower and relax. Come back in a couple days and start fresh.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today for this mind blowing advice?


I’ll see ya in a couple days! LOL!



  1. But when you DO say those things, you get tons of replies saying many others feel the same way ALL the time, not just at that special time of the month!!

    I don't have a niche either. My blogging goes in fits and spurts ~ right now I'm in a dry spell. I haven't posted anything other than Thankful Thursday and photo posts. I'm currently lacking in the inspiration department and I don't want to feel like I'm OBLIGATED to blog. I know it probably hurts my "readership" (such as it is!!), but if that's my main concern, I feel like I've lost focus on why I'm doing this in the first place. Blogging was never intended to make me famous! I never anticipated that anyone other than real-life friends and family would even see it.

    However, I KNOW I'm not as entertaining or as good a photographer as Ree Drummond. I don't take offense to that!! But I did actually remove her from my blog feed and quit visiting hers altogether because I found myself increasingly discontent with my life while constantly reading about and seeing gorgeous photos from hers.

    I'm glad I've met you. I love your blog. Don't make it private. Go take some Midol, find yourself some chocolate, drink lots of water, and we'll see you in a few days, m'kay?!! ♥

  2. What a great post.
    It's true.. so many of us go through this.
    I was just sitting here this morning thinking.. ummmm... I've got nothing to write about right now.

    I love LaughterLadies comments too. I too have removed myself from some of the BIG bloggers because it's kind of depressing and unrealistic..

    Have a blessed weekend! :-)

  3. I can certainly relate! And I really like your advice and the advice from LaughingLady. I might need some chocolate right about now. lol Have a great weekend, but come back next week. I love sharing my day with you. :)

  4. Good points. However, by walking away your loyal readers don't get to sit at their desk and giggle like I just did at your honest and quite funny post.
    Peace and blessings.

  5. A doctor cut that friend out of my life years ago. That's ok. I never really liked her anyway.

    Now what's this about a niche? Isn't that one of those architectural things people with houses more glamorous than mine have? You know, the people with a room to store their 100 styles of china, 60 sets of glasses and 32 different silver patterns used to set up 5 different tablescapes each week? Even if I could change things up that often, my background would always look the same and it wouldn't be pretty.

    Harumph. I tell myself that jealousy is ugly and I don't look good in green. And I think niche rhymes with a b-word that ends in "itch". Now really, do we want to be accused of being "nitchy"? ;-D


  7. rofl! I feel the same way, Rachel. Aren't we a funny bunch LOL!

  8. Hahahaha! I love you, my friend! I haven't discovered my niche yet and I don't think I ever will.

    I'm supposed to be doing more "mom" and "homemaking" type stuff, but I don't have time for that anymore.

    So all I do is a meme or two and then tell you about the latest thing that happened when I lost my mind and well.....you know how it is....like I said, I miss my mind the most!

  9. I love laughing lady's entire comment. I think I'll go take her advice. :)

  10. Welpers, I don't have a lot of people who read my blog either so it I made it private I'd have zippo! Okay, maybe a few, but anyways, I know how you feel sometimes :)


  11. Oh my sweet friend! We love you and your blog so put those silly thoughts out of your mind! And um, do you see all of these lovely comments you have?! I have 0 on my last 3 posts - LOL! So you are not allowed to have a pity party - hee,hee! Maybe it's partly a post-birthday sugar crash! :)

    Big from-one-nicheless-41-year-old-to-another size hugs to you! LOVE YOU friend!!! Have a great weekend - take a break and enjoy your sweet family! :)

  12. Hah! Your 'friend'! We call her 'the auntie' in our house. Don't ask me why - it began with my sister, and now my daughters and I ... AND all my friends know who 'the auntie' is!

    She's a pain Grrrrrr.... and she's here right now!

  13. You are even hysterical....when. That is a gift my friend, a gift I tell ya!!
    I have a sneaking feeling that PW woman's life is getting more stressful than she ever imagined. Keep it simple and enjoy.

  14. Girlfriend wait until you hit "MENOPAUSE"...What ever your thinking comes straight out of your mouth...No Warning!!! And as far as the PW's website is concerned...I thought about taking a picture of my husband in chap's, but then realized he had no butt...The effect would not be the same....I would lose what followers I had..."Keepin it Real".


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