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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Funnies! Bull Shark in Lake or Peking Duck?

friday funnies

Welcome back to Friday Funnies.

I hope you all had a great Summer. We sure did but it’s time to get back on schedule and Friday Funnies is officially back on track. So if you have a family friendly funny to share please feel free to link it up below.

It can be a funny story, joke, video etc.

I actually saw my funny on FB last week and it gave me the biggest chuckle.




  1. I LOVE it when newscasters get so tickled! Sometimes there is just nothing that can stop them!!

    Soooo glad FF is back!! :) Happy Friday my friend!
    Love you

  2. ROFL!! That video is hilarious!!!
    It just kept going and going.. Thanks for sharing.!

  3. LOL - so funny! It is funnier to see news mess-ups 'cause it's real life and it's live.

    Big so-did-you-have-Peking-Duck-for-dinner size hugs to you!! Yay for Friday Funnies! And I know more peeps will be here next week my friend - they'll start realizing you're back. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Love ya!! :)


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