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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Homemade Hand Soap!

What you are about to see will truly amaze you. It’ll change you’re life. You’ll drop 10lbs just…..(insert needle being dragged across a record here). Okay it’s not all that but I did get your attention right? So since you’re here and already intrigued, read on.

I’m always on the lookout for a way to do things, not only cheaper, but that are better for you too. So today I share with you my latest find.

We go through some hand soap in our home and I usually buy the stuff that isn’t antibacterial because we have a septic tank, but it is still loaded with things I can’t even pronounce. So when I came across this recipe to make your own, I knew I had to try it. Not only that, I had to kick it up a notch. Because I can.

Here is the original recipe.

1 cup soap flakes

10 cups of water

1 TBS Glycerin


I decided to add:

16-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract

10-20 drops of Essential Oil of choice. (It depends on how strong a smell you want.)

Here are my ingredients.


Remember the purer the soap the purer the hand soap.

I loved what this bar of soap said in its list of things it helps clean. Ha! Ha!


This is soooo incredibly easy to do. Basically what you’re going to do is grate your soap and reserve the extra for your next batch. Cause you’ll have extra.

I think I was to busy playing with the soap shavings to take a picture, but I’m pretty sure you can figure out how to do that all on your own because I have smart readers.

Once you have it grated, put your ingredients in a big pot minus the essential oil and grapefruit seed extract.


Turn the heat to medium low and heat until the soap melts, which isn’t very long.

Remove your soap mixture and if you choose, add your essential oil and grapefruit seed extract. Now you just let it sit and cool completely. It will thicken up as it cools and should have the texture of hand soap. Remember it needs to COMPLETELY cool. Like no warmness at all. You’ll thank me for that information when you’re looking at it and it still seems runny. LOL!

I put mine in an old empty hand soap bottle and will fill the others as they empty of the old stuff. I also put some in an old shampoo bottle and have been using it as a body wash.  I have that nice fancy spa glow every time I get out of the shower. Okay maybe not but I feel clean. 

The extra you can just store in whatever you have handy.


This is a VERY cost efficient recipe. Not only do you know what’s in it but you’re saving money too. I’d say it’s a win win situation.

Do you think you’ll try this? Let me know how it comes out if you do!


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  1. Kim,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe! Now all I want to learn how to do is make my own bar soap without all those ingredients we can pronounce but something that is great for your skin too!

    Love this and going to try it soon. How much did it make using this recipe?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. How neat! I may have to try that! Why the grape seed oil?

  3. Okay, a few questions...

    1. Where did you get the Lye soap?

    2. What is a record? ;)

    3. Do you a special pot for soap purposes?

    4. Did you get my email?

    Okay, I'm good! (In Mater's voice.)

    lana @ ilovemy5kids

  4. Lana, I thought I'd answer your questions on here too. Just in case someone else wants to know!
    1. I got the bar of soap at Cracker Barrel.
    2. Showing the age wasn't I?
    3. I just use my soup pot. Nothing special.

    I love Mator! LOL! Or is it Mater? Hmm...

  5. This is wonderful! I can't wait to make some. : )

  6. AWESOME! Next time make lye soap! OR plan a field trip to the west coast and come and make some with me! I make all our own bar soap because my hubby has sensitive skin. Fun stuff! I am gonna have to try turning some of it into liquid! FUN! Did you use the grapefruit seed extract for an antifungal or for some other reason? Thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks for answering Lana's questions on here. I would have had to ask the same ones.

    I'm not sure if I would try something like this, but I enjoyed reading about your venture. :) And your choice of containers was cracking me up. Mixed nuts? How appropriate, my nutty friend! Lol!

  8. So impressed my friend!! You are really kickin' it into gear with the homesteader thing - hanging clothes to dry, canning jelly and making soap - what's next?!

    I do hope to try this one of these days - very cool! Thanks for sharing my friend!

    Big you-sound-like-somebody-that-probably-washes-her-hair-with-baking-soda-and-apple-cider-vinegar-or-is-that-somebody-else-I-know-hee-hee size hugs to you!!! Love you my friend! :)

  9. I have an update to tell you! I tried this recipe with my homemade soap and it DID NOT gel well at all. It still works but it isn't thick at all. With our soft water it still takes a while to rinse off. Once this is all gone I will try to use more soap shavings to see if that helps. My soap has a higher fat content than most so maybe that is why. Worth a shot tho! The kids love having liquid hand soap and I used lavender and lemon ESO to scent! Smells yummy!

  10. It could have had something to do with the soap and water. You might have to do a little experimenting with it. More soap and glycerine maybe. But you have me wanting to go get some lemon and lavender essential oils now though.
    Let me know what you find out.

  11. Soo cool! I will let you know if I try making it :) I might do this one on my own....My husband tends to look at me when I say I found this recipe today on "so and so's blog" you know that look....mmmhm. Yep that's the one :)

  12. Wow Kim...Making soap is on my list of WANT TO DO ... I have a kit someone gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago...Making soap is one thing, for gifts, craft shows...and I am going to try and copy your "recipe" but do you also have a "recipe" for sensitive skin? I have excema...and my hands are where I am affected the worse...Thanks...You are a GREAT girl with lots of great "homey" ideas...I love anything to do with my house and doing for it...Thanks for all your GREAT ideas and tips...

  13. Dear Anonymous, I would say that whatever bar of soap you buy to use make sure it's for sensitive skin and that should solve your skin issue. I don't think there is anything else that would bother you. Hope this helps.

  14. Can you use ZOTE soap? It says for laundry, but just wondering if too strong. Thanks for the help!

  15. I don't know the ingredients in the ZOTE soap but if they are all natural then I would say go for it.

  16. I have tried making liquid soap before and it comes out the consistency of snot, which is so unappealing to my friends and family, that I am the only one who will use it. My question is, does this recipe have the consistency of snot? Or is it more like store bought liquid soap?


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