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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Wanna See a Real Life Record?

I don’t even know if I’ve posted about this before but after 867 posts I may have forgotten and hopefully you would have too. But I was rummaging around my craft room the other day and happened across my old LP Records from when I was a kid.

You want to see them right? And you might want to show your kids too because I showed them to my youngest and they didn’t have any clue what it was or how it worked. (I’m on the hunt for a used record player now.)

I’m going to be getting a little nostalgic here so stick with me.

The first two were what they called Read Along Books.


They had word for word the whole movie inside the book and you just read along and looked at the pictures. Probably sounds pretty dull now but I used to listen to and read these all the time!!!

The scene on the right is from the Fox and the Hound when she drops Todd off in the woods. It still makes me cry to this day. Poor Todd.

IMG_6824 IMG_6825

The next two records are the Urban Chipmunk and the recorded single, We are the World. Do you remember that? All the different people singing in one song? And to this day the Urban Chipmunk will crack me up. It takes old country songs and juices em’ up Chipmunk style. So funny!


This next one is my second favorite out of all of them. It is a big selection of  Disney songs from the movies, all on one record.  24 Original sound track recordings. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Chim Chim Cheree, I’ve Got No Strings, Whistle While You Work and so many more that you would remember. I used to sit by the speaker and just sing away!

IMG_6829 IMG_6830

Now last, but certainly not least is my favorite most favorite record of all.

The Country Bear Jamboree!


I knew this by heart. I would go into the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney and could quote it word for word because the album was the EXACT same thing as what they performed on stage.

Looking inside you’ll see all your favorite Country Bears.

Remember Bunny ,Bubbles and Beulah? LOL!


How about Teddi Barra and Big Albert? LOL! Remember how she’d come out of the ceiling, swinging on her swing? I loved that. And poor Big Albert couldn’t play a lick on his guitar.  Ha! Ha!


Well look what I found? The whole Country Bear Jamboree on youtube. If you’ve never been to Disney want to experience the love I had for these silly bears then please watch! I was watching it and I STILL know most of the lines by heart. LOL!


I have very fond memories of my records. They were well used and loved. I was looking at them today and they are still in great shape. No scratches for what I can see!

Well thanks for sticking with me through my trip down memory lane.

Do you still have any old records?

Have a FABULOUS day my friends!


  1. I LOVE my old records - and am lucky enough to have a working record player to play them on! My sister had the Urban Chipmunk album, and I had the Disney Greatest Hits one. Now I have a good time looking for records at garage sales - I've found some pretty good ones!

  2. So cute Kim!! You have a wonderful and special collection! I hope you treasure these forever! I love trips down memory lane....reading blogs sometimes spurs those memories that we so often do not visit! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nope, but my mother de pack rat has the big ones and 8-tracks still.

    I attribute my keen audio listening skills and sorta good story telling to my repetitive record listening marathons.

    Good memory lane trip! God Bless!!!

    Hope and Pray Hurricane Irene stays away from your neck of the woods!!

  4. I had Urban Chipmunks and We Are The World Also!!! It is very weird that our kids will not know about a record! I'm going to ask my mother if she still has any of my records and record player!


  5. Wow...what a great collection! Hubby and I have all of our albums from wayyy back in the '70's. We have our old stereo, too, so we're able to play them. :-)

  6. My mom still has her old record player and records. One of my favorite Christmas memories from when I was a kid was getting out the records (both Christmas and non-Christmas) and dancing around the family room with my sister :)

  7. My son bought me an old kids' record player, but I can't find it right now. I think I put it somewhere....

    You inspired me to look a little further. Nothing sounds like a record!

  8. Kim,
    I have your beaten. I probably have all of my records which are so much older that your collections. The 45s are in a caring case all in order. We even have some really old records from my husband’s grandparents. We also have their wind up record player that still works. Unfortunately, one of the records got broken when it was packed for our move a few years ago.

  9. Oh my goodness....what an adorable collection that is!
    My husband had sooo many as well but we finally sold them...so sad to see them go. The funniest one he had was an really old Oral Roberts...like when he was maybe even a teen! LOL

    Hold on to yours especially because they mean so much to you!!


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