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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now Serving Wild Grape Jelly, Part 2

Let’s see, we left off yesterday with that glorious purple concoction.

The next thing we needed to do is add the magic ingredients. One box of Sure*Jell and the sugar.







You bring that to a boil.


Doesn’t that just look gorgeous?


Remember, I’m using Sandy’s method I talked about yesterday.



Voila! Super yummy Wild Fox Grape Jelly!



Here is the link to the recipe! I hope you give it a try and enjoy!

Wild Grape Jelly!

Have a FABULOUS day my friends!


  1. Super yummy and good looking too!

  2. Way to go! That looks delicious!!! I'm sure that batch will be gone before you know it!!

  3. Nice! If you have any left, we'll have to do a swap. I made Cherry Jamly yesterday... :)

    What is Jamly you ask? Well, I decided instead of chopping up my cherries for jam (like I usually do), I would use my immersion blender. Which REALLY did the trick..so not so much "chunks of fruit"...more thick jelly, lol...

  4. oh YUM!!

    My mom makes homemade jelly in MD. I miss it and try to grab some when we go visit!!

    Enjoy the bounty

  5. OK!! You MUST SEND ME A JAR!!!! Holy Smokes that looks delicious...you need to have a "Drool Warning" at the title :)

  6. I'm with Loren: "Drool Warning" sign is needed for this post. That looks delicious...and your kitchen survived. I would have had a few I Love Lucy grape moments. Ha!

  7. I made jam from plantains growing in our yard here in Belize...I bet the grapes smelled divine!

  8. How did you pour that withou sloshing grape jelly everywhere? I think I would have been partly wearing it, LOL! It's a good trick to turn the jars upside down to help them seal.

  9. My great aunt uses that method as well and most of them are still alive (ha). But the whole point of canning is to get the product to an internal temperature that is high enough to kill all bad bacteria. My husband is scared to death of botulism so I can everything to the letter. But this is how she taught me to make her strawberry jam.

  10. Lovin' all the pics my friend! It looks so YUMMY!!! Oh I want to try some - LOL! So pretty too. What a fun thing to have right on your own property and not have realized it at first! And all of a sudden I am missing my grandmother's Crabapple jelly - yum. And my parents made choke cherry jelly, but used wax I think in the tops of the jars.

    Big I-just-cannot-believe-that-the-purple-didn't-end-up-all-over-the-place size hugs to you!! Love ya! Have a super day my friend! :)

  11. Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe. We have SO many wild grapes on our property, and I never was motivated enough to look this up on my own.

  12. They look yummy and makes me want some on a biscuit right now!!!!! Are you wearing smiley-face jammies, because they totally match your Friday Funnies button, lol!

    Yes, the weather around here is stooooopid. I can totally get away with wearing a lightweight sweater over a shirt even. So much for August hopes. If I hadn't come to Florida I wouldn't really even have had a summer....sigh.


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