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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Funnies! Funny Deodorant!

friday funnies

Happy Friday my friends!

Did you have a good week? Well whether you did or didn’t I guarantee you’ll leave here with a smile.

Do you want to join in the fun? Well then post about your family friendly funny and then come link it up below. It can be a funny picture, video, story, etc.

Now let’s spread some funny!

My funny today came courtesy of my husbands deodorant. What’s funny about deodorant?

On the front it looks just like your average deodorant.


But for some reason my hubby decided to read the back of it and this is what it said.


Isn’t that a hoot?

What’s funny is that he grabbed his old deodorant and it didn’t say that on the back. It was just normal stuff. I personally thought it was hilarious and I think I might contact the company and tell them so. I love a company with a sense of humor!

Have a FABULOUS Friday my friends!



  1. It is so refreshing when companies aren't afraid to add humor to their packaging! I love it! :) Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Now *that's* how you know it's fabulous deodorant!

  3. That is funny, and it caused my husband to check the back of his "Classic" Old Spice Deodorant. It reads: "If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you probably wouldn't exist." Too funny!

  4. That's so funny!! I love the unexpected touch of humor!

    Big who-reads-the-back-of-the-deodorant-container size hugs to you!! Love ya!


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