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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 24, 2011

Because I know you care!

Here’s what’s been going on around our homestead, because I know your Monday wouldn’t be the same without you knowing. I’m good like that. Always thinking of others.

Our garden is slowing springing back from the all that rain and standing water. We lost about a 1/3 of our seedlings but everything else seems to be doing okay. My hubby harvested these sweet potatoes the other day. It was our first time trying to grow them and it’s always a surprise when things actually grow. LOL!


There were more but we ate some for dinner that night and they were soooo good!

If you’ve hung out here at my blog for any length of time you know that buying next years wall calendar is always a big deal to me. Okay, I probably MAKE it a big deal but if it’s going to be hanging on my kitchen wall for 12 months I want to LOVE it, not just like it.

So this year the new Gooseberry Patch Calendar won out over the others. I loved their artwork in this calendar and thought it would be a happy addition to my kitchen.


My hubby is going to town on our closet. He’s got the inside framed out the way we want it and now all he has to do is paint the wood. I’ve been taking pictures of the whole process. Here’s a sneak peek.

Here he is working on his side of the closet.  There’s just something about a man that can build things…….*swoon*…..Huh? Wha?….Okay I’m back!


I’ll stop there for now as I know you have other things to do and only 37.5 seconds to spend reading each blog. LOL!

Have a lovely day my sweet friends!


  1. Maybe I should snag one of your potatos so I can use it to grow my own! Help me remeber to do that, lol.
    Closet is coming along nicely! :)

  2. I do love me some sweet potatoes. I growing u in East Tx home of the sweet darlings!! I am jealous you got to grow them...lol

    That calender is awesome...they are having a giveaway if you mail them your recipt for the calender...go to their website.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Nice looking sweet potatoes! I bet they were very yummy with dinner.

    I love GBP, but I have never had a calendar of theirs before. I like getting one sold locally with photos of our mountains and wildlife.

    Can't wait to see your finished closet! That is great your hubby can do that for his family!

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. Those sweet potatoes look delicious - I love that you grew them yourselves!

  5. Great potatoes! I remember loving when we havested our potatoes on the farm. There is something fun about being surprised to find things under the soil. :) Simple minds, I guess! Lol!

    And great closet! You are getting close to the fun part of filling it back up!!

  6. Those sweet potatoes look yummy and make me want one - right now. :)

  7. YUM!!! I love sweet potatoes!! I wasn't able to get in the ground in time.. :-( But our garden is finally springing to life.

    And yes.. got to love a man who knows what to do with his power tool!! LOL

  8. You are soooooo lucky that your hubby can build things! My hubby just doesn't have it in him. Oh well, at least he cooks! LOL!

  9. Those sweet potatoes look good as does the man.LOL

  10. Woo hoo for your garden - I am a bit jealous that you have good weather so much longer than we do but I guess we don't have quite the rain that you do.

  11. Hey Kim~
    I am really frustrated with the PR company that contacted me about the winnie the pooh giveaway.
    After sending me the email about the giveaway - 2 days later they email me and tell me they are out of prize packs! WHAT???
    They tried compensating with a Winnie the Pooh Onesie.. WHAT??
    So I am waiting to hear back to see if they are actually going to honor at least the DVD Bluray part.
    Will let you know soon :-)

  12. Garlic tea? Ooooh, I'll stick with the cough syrup, haha.

    I love a man that can build or repair. My hubby doesn't build much but he does repair what and when he can.

    Recently he re-grouted around the kitchen and I was so happy!

  13. Hey you!! Fannie Farmer :) Those taters sure look good!!! I LOVE me some sweet potatoes for sure!!

    Cannot wait to see your closet when it is done! I have thought about you constantly because we put up a system similar to what yours looks like in my laundry room!

    Hope your week has been good :)

  14. Yummm...fresh sweet potatoes are delish!

    I'm feeling a lil' envious of that closet, just so you know...

    LOVE the calendar! I get excited about them, too! :-)

  15. Glad your garden wasn't totally wiped out my friend - the potatoes look fabulous! Your new calendar looks cute - and you did it without any input from your readers? Amazing - LOL!! ;) Tell your hubs great job with the closet!

    Big well-I-only-have-37.23-seconds-to-read-but-that's-ok size hugs to you!!! LOL! Love you friend! :)


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