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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Chipotle Pepper, What is it and what do you do with it?

Years ago I kept coming across recipes asking for chipotle peppers. I quickly avoided them, not knowing what the heck it was. I’m glad I finally looked into it because now I use them all the time.

First of all, What is a Chipotle Pepper?

The chipotle pepper is a dried or smoked jalapeño pepper. It naturally, resembles a jalapeño, but after the smoking process it tends to look brown and shriveled. It doesn’t lose much of its heat through the smoking process, so you not only get to enjoy that wonderful spiciness but the natural wood smoke taste. YUM!

Here’s the kind that I buy at the grocery store. They are located with the Mexican stuff.


Here’s one straight out of the can. See? Nice and brown and shriveled.


When I use them I like to chop them up really fine so that they are distributed throughout whatever it is I’m putting them in.


And then there is always plenty leftover to use in other recipes.


On this particular day I was using them in a cream sauce to cook with my chicken. It was FABULOUS! I also make a Chipotle Meatloaf that is my family’s favorite meatloaf recipe ever. A lot of times I’ll put them in my soups or casseroles. If you like spicy then you really need to give these a try.

Well I hope this helped curb your fear of the unknown. LOL!


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