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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Funnies! Churches!

friday funnies

Happy Friday Everyone!

Did you all have a good week? I sure hope so. How about ending this week with a giggle? If you would like to join in the fun, just link up your friendly family funny up below. It can be a joke, video, picture etc.

Now let’s spread some funny!


I was in the mood for some Tim Hawkins and this one just struck my funny bone.




  1. We love Tim Hawkins...by the way, your dog from last week made top MSN news!

  2. He is so funny! Thanks for a giggle this morning.

  3. He is fantastic! Brightened my day!!

  4. do you all have a cool website yet and some "He brews" Oh my heavens' Funny!

  5. Luv this funny! You are funny, too!

  6. I love his face!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Tim Hawkins is hilarious. Love it when my husband works from home and listens with me. Not sure what's funnier...Tim or my husband's laughter. Thanks for a good Friday Funny.
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  8. Thanks to Tim Hawkins, if some well meaning brother prays a hedge of protection during prayer meeting, our family's pew will be SHAKING with silent laughter. We dare not look at each other.

    However, during times where our hearts are truly heavy, we'll allow his comedy to bring long-lost laughter into our house. Laughter is a good medicine.

  9. Kim - it's so good to stop by... and have a smile. You have such a cheerful blog and I can just feel your personality over here! :)

  10. Oh my - I was laughing so much my friend!!! So good! I've got to show that one to hubs - he will enjoy it!

    Big our-two-biggest-non-denominational-churches-in-the-area-do-happen-to-have-coffee-shops-but-currently-without-the-"cool"-names-LOL size hugs to you!! Love ya! Have a super weekend my friend!! :)

  11. Love Tim Hawkins, lol! I was going to tease you about not using your microwave much but then realized that I don't use mine much either.

    I use it to defrost some things and to heat up some things, but can't remember the last time I actually cooked a meal in it, lol! It may have been years!

  12. Hahaha...too funny! Hebrews. LOL!


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