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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tell Me Again WHY I Have Throw Pillows?

In theory, I love throw pillows. You see them in magazines all nicely placed here and there as if they belong there and all is well in the world.

For some reason it just doesn’t work out so well in my world. 98.45% of the time MY throw pillows look like this.

IMG_3684 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 

Even I will move them out of the way just to sit down. Which brings me to this question that maybe you can answer.

Throw pillows are good for………


Squishing down into the seat?

Decorating the coffee table?

Using up the fabric and stuffing of the world?

Setting your food on?

I personally use one of them to put under my knees when I’m working out and have to do push-ups. Yeah, that’s why I made them. OY!

Help a girl out. Tell me why throw pillows exist. Because in my house it isn’t for decoration. *sigh*



  1. I thought the point of throw pillows was to THROW them - at least that is what happens in our house. It is much better than throwing a football (that is what broke the blades off the ceiling fan while it was MOVING).

  2. In my house they're used to prop up a bowl of popcorn, balance a drink and cover up the remote!

  3. In my house, they serve as LEGO mountains, flying mistles, and under the door draft stoppers. Clearly, I suffer with you, Lol!

  4. In my house, I use them to protect myself from the elbows and feet and other "weapons" of my children as they hang out with me. I will occasionally use them as attention getters when someone is standing in front of the tv. :)
    For the record, throw pillows at my house are never as they appear on photos either.

  5. If you were to ask my cats, they would say the pillows are there to provide a comfy place to lay. The dogs would say the pillows are there to throw on the floor every time they get on the couch. lol

  6. Maybe throw pillows are really hug pillows, in disguise? :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. They are for decoration. There are very few of them that are actually comfortable. Those are usually handmade and judiciously stuffed.

  8. LOL! My throw pillows in the living room stay in place and when I sit there I do leave them in place. But the pillows in the family room never stay sitting in their proper place - instead they are all lined up along the top of the couch against the wall. Looks a little silly! We do use them sometimes to prop our heads and kiddo has a special one that's for his own use on the floor and then Buster has his very own drool-stained throw pillow on his bed. :)

    Big gotta-have-the-throw-pillows-for-the-accent-color-so-maybe-we-just-need-a-new-place-for-them-like-hanging from-the-ceiling-fan-or-taped-to-the-walls size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)

  9. Girl they add color, pizzazz, and personality to your decor. That's all they need to do besides pad your knees when you work out.

  10. Ours are very large so we move them out of the way when we sit. I do used them in my lap to put a book on when I read (keeps the cold book off my legs). My dd also uses them to build forts...lol!


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