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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Week of LOVE!

This past week was a busy week. 

These are our best friends and it was that silly fella’s birthday there on the left. We celebrated with them the Saturday before Valentine’s.


It was so much fun. I always look forward to this day because it’s just the 4 of us and we get to just hang out and be silly and have a YUMMY dinner that my BFF makes.

She goes all out with a beautiful table and….


delicious dessert!


Then of course on Valentine’s Day I did a little something for my family!

I love to set a pretty table for them. They deserve to have pretty too.


Everyone made some really cute Valentine’s for each other.

IMG_3654 IMG_3655

The people of the world, or at least the people on our street were greeted with a little Valentine’s Day love.


Having worked up an appetite, we came in and had a yummy dinner of marinated wild salmon, fresh from our garden brussels sprouts and brown rice.


And for dessert I made a coconut flour cake with a raspberry sauce and the most delicious dark chocolate raspberry truffles.


And then last but not least, my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary on Friday. You’re going to love this. The only picture I took the WHOLE night was of the super delicious dessert I made. LOL! Yes folks, I have my priorities. 

I tweaked a recipe and came up with this and it was DELICIOUS!! But now I have to make it again so I can write down the amounts I used. Darn it! It was a Dark Chocolate Mousse. A “healthier” version. Not low fat mind you, just “healthier”.


But yes, this is sadly the only picture I took of the whole night. But I did make us a romantic dinner and then blah blah blah and yada yada yada.

Anyway, that was our week.

I hope you had a fun one as well!

Have a lovely day my friends!


  1. Wait a minute... fresh from your garden brussel sprouts????? Dang, I've got to move to your neighborhood FAST. Especially if you'll make some of that mousse for moi!

  2. Awe...this is the only pic of Mikey and I that I have from that night! Thanks :)

    What a fun week of Love... your table looks so pretty and the brussels are so green, pretty!

    Needin' that mousse recipe, so get a makin'! :)

  3. First of all ...happy anniversary to you two! And I love your table setting. Salmon is one of my favorite meals so I'm coming over. :)

    A belated happy Valentine's Day.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Man, you crack me up! LOVE these pics and memories, and especially the priority of them. ;) Yea, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, *winka. :D

  5. I had to laugh when I saw the chalkboard greetings to all of your neighbors! You are sooooo funny! Love the pretty table settings and YUMMY desserts! Happy anniversary, BTW!

  6. I'm looking forward to some healthy Mousse,now! Lol!

  7. You set a very lovely table!!

    And the decorated sidewalk is a wonderful idea

    Journeying with Joy
    Mrs B

  8. Oh Kim...what amazing table settings you and your friend made. Just inspired me to do something special too...smile... Your V day table and food look fantastic...how I'd love to have some of that salmon...yumm..

    BTW your dessert looked 'oh so yummy'..even if that was the only picture you took...smile...


  9. This sounds like a fun time you had ;) :) Oh, and that dark chocolate dessert? OH me, oh my that looks fantastic. OK, no-fat/low-fat equals no taste in my book...besides that, I"m all about real food, which includes good fats ;) :) Oh, and is that REAL homemade whipped cream on top? OK, when you figure out the recipe, please post it, pretty, pretty please ;) :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  10. Woo Hoo - the week of Love!! :) What a great week my friend! And Super Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the pics! The food looks yummy (OK, well except for the brussel sprouts, but that's just my own problem - LOL)!

    Big we-all-want-that-mousse-recipe-so-you-better-get-on-it-the-clock-is-ticking-but-hey-no-pressure-HA size hugs to you!!! Love you! :)

  11. Happy anniversary, Kim. Your table looks lovely and that chocolate dessert - wow!


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