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Friday, March 30, 2012

Honey-Apple Tea

I just got done having myself a glass of this super yummy iced tea and I knew I had to share the recipe with you. I’m good like that. (Don’t worry, I asked for permission.)

It is absolutely perfect for this sunny and breezy Spring day. I can also see serving this at BBQ’s this Summer.

I got the recipe off of the Gooseberry Patch calendar for this month. That’s what I love about their calendars. They are not only fun to look at but they offer up a great recipe each month.







This one is definitely a keeper. You’re gonna love it, trust me.


For the teabags I used a combination of green tea and green tea with mango. It was delicious. I also cut back on the honey just a smidge because I don’t like things to sweet and I knew the unsweetened apple juice was going to add its own bit of sweetness to it.

I think I found my Spring/Summer go to, cool down drink.

I hope you ENJOY!


  1. Oh yeah - I think I'm first on this one! Woo Hoo! :)

    That sounds super yummy my friend!! Will definitely give that a try!

    Big I-just-need-the-weather-to-warm-up-a-bit-so-I'm-ready-for-cool-drinks-so-please-send-a-little-extra-warmth-and-sunshine-this-way size hugs to you!! Love you friend!! :)

  2. Hi Kim, I love this recipe because I love ice tea in the spring and summer. I will definitely give it a try. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Looks so yummy Kim! My girls and their daddy LOVE their Sweet Tea. I can't tell you how many times We have taken a freshly made jug of sweet tea to jenna @ college.(when we are going, LOL, not just delivering it haha) It seems to disappear sooo quickly...It is amazing to me how college kids have no idea or even care to ask IF they can have something...They all just go for it without any worry whatsoever.

    I could NEVER do that!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! We will definitely be trying this!


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