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Friday, March 16, 2012

My Favorite Find~An Interview with Serena from The Farm Chicks!

my favorite find

I’ve been following Serena’s blog, The Farm Chicks, for quite some time. I have both of her books and love perusing her blog farm chicks christmaswhen she writes. So when she started talking about a thing called “My Favorite Find” , I was intrigued.

The big reveal is coming this Monday but I was able to “virtually” sit down with Serena and ask her some questions about this new project she has brewing. Here are my questions and her answers below.

1. First of all, what is My Favorite Find?  My Favorite Find is a Virtual Show-and-tell, a way for everyone around the world to seek, find, and share events and then show-and-tell their finds and the stories behind them with the world.

2. What inspired you to start it? I was getting so much mail from women around the world wondering about having their own events, how to promote them, and asking how to find great shoppes and events in their area.  I couldn't believe there wasn't already some sort of resource out there for these things.  I knew I needed to create it.

3. How has it changed YOUR life and how to you think it might change OUR life? Well, the whole project has been a huge amount of work, but very fulfilling. I think this site will change the way in which we search for and find the things we love and collect and will be an incredible resource for anyone trying to promote something as small as a yard sale on up to an antiques fair or brick and mortar shoppe, anywhere in the world.TheFarmChicksBook_000

4.Where do you find your inspiration? I find inspiration in simple things, like quiet.  My days can be so busy, but when I need inspiration, silence is what I turn to.  I also love reading about others who have overcome obstacles to achieve great success.  I identify with that and it pushes me on.

5.What advice can you give to others who want to start something new? Do it!  Do you want to look back on your life and wish you had?

6. How do you balance it all? Wife, Mother, Business Owner etc.  I have learned to keep my work out of our home because I don't want it to take over our lives.  My new office is separate from our home, so it's a great way to keep work at work and home at home.

Thank you Serena for “sitting down” with me and answering these questions!

So are you as intrigued as I was? Well on Monday this link will go live and you’ll be able to see what all the hub-bub is about! Here is her My Favorite Find FB Page link so you’ll know when it is all going down.



  1. Kim, Thanks for our virtual visit! I appreciate you helping to spread the word about My Favorite Find.
    Love, Serena

  2. Sounds intriguing! I signed up to be notified when it goes live!

  3. Sounds very interesting! Good interview my friend!!

    Big did-you-at-least-offer-her-a-latte-and-a-treat-when-she-"sat"-down-with-you size hugs to you!!! Love you friend - hope you are having a super fabulous weekend!! :)

  4. Hmmm, sounds interesting! I will have to go and check her out! Sounds like a great opportunity :)


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