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Friday, April 20, 2012

When You Can Look Back and Laugh!


This past week wasn’t without it’s challenges. We were supposed to be on vacation. And with that I need to give you a little back story.

You see the week before last my youngest picked something up from church. (FYI: We won’t be going to church the weekend before our next vacation. LOL!) The good thing was that it was well enough in advance that he’d be better by our vacation.

We monitored him daily and by the big day he was good to go. The morning we were supposed to leave to go to Sea World my middle child says he doesn’t feel 100%. He was so excited he didn’t sleep the night before and since he wasn’t showing any outward signs of sickness, we continued on with our plans. Off to Sea World we go.

IMG_8647 IMG_8650

We arrive safely and everyone seems in good spirits. My daughter and I went on Kracken first thing and I whooped and hollered like a teenager. I’m good like that. Then we went over to Atlantis so we could all go on something and or course it was having “technical difficulties”. At this point my hubby informed me that he’d go on Kracken with me. This took me by surprise because my husband doesn’t go on roller coasters. I quickly took him up on his offer and off we went, back on the front row where I once again, whooped and hollered and laughed like a teenager.


Fast forward to lunch time. We are sitting at our table and my son starts to look a little off. We figure he’s just hungry but things go south very quickly and my husband rushes him off to the bathroom. This is where it gets kind of humorous, now. Not so much then.

The last place you would ever want your child to attempt a good up chuck is huddled over a public toilet. Wouldn’t you agree?  I knew you would. And this said child doesn’t keep things quiet. No, he cries and whimpers and let’s the whole world know what he’s about to do. BUT in case that wasn’t enough, my hubby felt the need to say “If you feel like you’re going to throw up, then just throw up.” EVERY time a new person came in the restroom, which he said was about every minute or so. Yeah, just a tad stressful on my husband’s part, but if you can picture him saying this same thing over and over and over again, it gets quite funny.


Meanwhile, my daughter and my youngest son and I are sitting back at the table wondering what to do. They had been in there for quite some time and being that I’m a girl, I couldn’t go check on them. This is about the time I asked my waitress if there was a male server that could go check on them and ask my husband what he wanted us to do. Lucky server, huh?

Fast forward some more and we of course decide that we are going to head back home and access the damage.

The next day our son wakes up feeling pretty good. Me on the other hand could barely talk. All my whooping and hollering caused my vocal chords to go into meltdown mode. And the rush of air from being in the front row of the roller coaster didn’t do my lungs any favor either.

The good thing is that my husband was able to go back to work and we have postponed our little vacation until we are all feeling better.

Well there you have it. Our tales of adventure.

Sea World here we come… again…. in the near future.

Got any good vacation nightmares stories?


  1. So sorry! Never fails, great plans dashed ... be well.

    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Ahhh... jolly Murphy and his laws strike again! You know...the one where, if you have something fun planned, then someone's BOUND to end up vomiting in the boys toilet while you're out having lunch...LOL!

    Good to hear you lost your voice, it means you had a great ride...can't go on a roller coaster without a cetain amount of screaming!

  3. Hi Kim, This sounded just awful but so typical when you have kids. I used to always get a cold when we flew but I've learned some tricks and they help me stay healthy. Hope you get another chance at Sea World.
    Happy Friday. Noreen

  4. We were visited by my best friend and her very sick son the weekend before we left for a 2 week trip out West. At our connecting airport, my son came down with an extremely high fever and very sore throat. The next day my other son came down with "it". Needless to say, the first few days of our trip were with two very sick boys and one worried mama. We visited a doctor in Estes Park, Colorado, and were told it was a virus that would run its course and not strep. Miraculously, no one else caught the virus and the boys were on the mend by the third day of our trip.

  5. Well Poooooo! I hate that for you guys! Hope everyone is on the mend and Praise the Lord that you can reschedule.

    I can certainly relate to your Sons way of throwing up!
    I absolutely HATE to throw up - granted, I know that no one "Likes" throwing up, but you know...

    Well, I look forward to the adventures that await you on your rescheduled vacation!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. UGH so sorry for you guys! Good idea to reschedule! Praying for you!

  7. So sorry you had to cut things short and WHAT a story!! Hope the next time is just ultra-fabulous!

    Big at-least-you-can-laugh-now-but-maybe-that's-not-a-good-idea-because-you'll-start-coughing size hugs to you my lovely friend!! And look at your cute skinny muscle-y legs in that pic - woo hoo!! :)


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