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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girl Time Gone Bad!

Put your visual caps on, you’re going to need it.

Yesterday our BFF’s invited us over to their house for dinner. It was great. We ate a delicious dinner, played a little corn hole and was having a relaxing time. My BFF and I decided to retreat to her gazebo while our hubby’s and the kids played.

She has a hammock strung quaintly underneath and we decided that it was a good place for girlie chat. We laid on it so we faced each other and talked about flowers, and her son’s wedding, and decks and blah blah blah girlie stuff.

Meanwhile during our conversation sawdust started falling out of nowhere onto my head. It happened a few times and we determined it was a carpenter bee burrowing overhead. Then as if that wasn’t enough something pooed on my leg. Again it came from above. My BFF and I had a little freaking out moment which had to have looked funny and by the end of it we were pretty much leaning here and there in the hammock.

We had been in there probably an hour or so just having a good ol’ time talking and laughin’ and just chillin’, when we realize that it was getting late and we all needed to get up early in the morning so we both started to get up………… and then it happened. The hammock broke and we both ended up on the ground. WHAM!

Wood is hard when you’re over 40. My hubby says we were only 12 inches off the ground but my BFF and I will argue that it “felt” like much more. Anyway if it wasn’t so funny we probably would have realized how much pain we were in. But you have a couple of women tangled up in a hammock with their legs in the air and you got funny. I don’t care who you are. Our husbands did well not to laugh as they were concerned for us, but we were laughing so hard it was hard to tell if we were actually hurt.

With a little help we were able to get up and walk in the house. Here’s what they all got to see as I was twoddling away.

my butt

Now I’m not usually one to show you a picture of my butt but it was pretty funny. To top off the night I got the imprints of her hammock on my white shorts. LOL!

So lets’ recap:

Girlie chat

Sawdust on head

Got pooed on

Hammock collapsing

And ruined white shorts.

But wait, there’s more. After we got home and I was icing my back, I got up to do something and pulled a muscle in my right shoulder which now hurts more than my back does.

Oh how I love being over 40.

So did you get the visual? It’s okay to laugh. We have to laugh about it. I just wish we could have gotten a picture of our faces as we were falling. LOL!

I’m sure today is going to pale in comparison so I think I’ll just take it easy.

Have a lovely day my friends.


  1. Well, I have to say this is not as bad as I thought it was going to be.....I thought the roof was going to fall!

    Glad it was only 12 inches!
    The "poo" would have been the last straw for me:)

  2. LOL, great visuals! Thank goodness you could laugh it all off! And if you think 40s are bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!!!

  3. I'd have been off the hammock when the dust/dirt was falling, forget the poo! You are too funny. Wait until you hit the 60s & then you'll appreciate a day without pain ...

    Have a great day ~

  4. bahahaha...loved the visuals, Kim...hehe. Sorry you ruined your white shorts...hope it washes out!

  5. Hey Kim, I smiled as I read it, I can just imagine the shock of it falling. So thankful you weren't seriously hurt altough your shoulder sounds sore. Thanks for sharing this with us; I would have run over to check on you if I was there. By the way, what is the game corn hole? Never heard of it and I'm sure my grands would love it.
    Have a restful evening.
    Love, Noreen

  6. That's quite the adventure. I love your attitude, though!

  7. Oh I can totally picture the two of you laughing - LOL!!! I hope you are fully recovered now! Now getting the stain out of the white shorts can be a whole other blog post! :)

    Big the-pain-is-all-worth-it-if-it-results-in-a-good-blog-post-right size hugs to you!! Love you friend!

  8. Oh my! Glad you weren't seriously hurt and you were able to find the humor in it all. The other day I stretched and yawned at the same time and a muscle in my back went into spasm. I thought, wow, this is what the mean by getting old, LOL!

  9. Your visual of the two of you ROFL caused me to start ROFL!!!! ( ;

  10. Oh no! I might be the only one not laughing at this. When I was in junior high, I was laying in a hammack that broke and I couldn't sit for weeks! Even months after, I had to be careful how I sat, and often took a cushion with me. Turns out I bent my coccyx bone inward at a 90 degree angle. It STILL bothers me at times. Hopefully your back (and shoulder) will feel better quickly!


  11. Oh my goodness.. I've had days/nights like that..
    and I TOTALLY agree with the turning 40 and everything changing thing.. LOL

  12. My goooodness! I am in stitches!!! The only thing missing was ME! See, If I had been there the hammock would've broken right away, and THEN you coulda skipped the poo. ;)

    Seriously, though, thanks for posting. I could picture the whole thing. So refreshing when people can laugh at themselves!


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