"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, May 18, 2012

Raising the Next Generation of Homemakers!

Growing up, when you graduated high school you fell into two categories, either you already had a job and continued to work it or you went off to college. There really wasn’t many other choices.

I for one didn’t go to college. I worked 40+ hours a week up until my knight in shining armor rescued me and I became a SAHM.  We knew when we got married that we were going to do things a little differently when it came to raising our children.

Fast forward to now. We have a budding 18 year old daughter who is graduating this year from homeschool. In a world that expects you to go to proms, and have a few heartbreaks under your belt and your first job at Mcdonald’s, it’s been hard to answer that age old question that is asked about her and to her ALL THE TIME. “So, where are you going to college?” I’m pretty sure that 99% of everyone that we come in contact with has asked this question. They just assume that it’s the next logical step after graduating high school. If you daughter goes to college that’s fine and dandy. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that not everyone has to go down that road.

The answer they get when they ask usually shocks them. Our daughter tells them that she is not going to college because she actually wants to be a wife and mother and that’s what she’s training to be. “WHAT? That’s it? That seems so unfulfilling” is what you read in their eyes. Or you could sum up their reaction in one word “Freaks!” Some get it and understand but most just clam up and don’t mention it any more.

One thing we’ve tried to instill in our children is the need to not work for another man. We really want them to be entrepreneurs. Well let’s just say that my daughter finally took our advice and ran with it. A lot of you know that she opened her Etsy store doors last October. It was slow going but she was constantly researching what was trendy and coming up with new things to sell. She saw what was working and what wasn’t. She is learning wonderful business and people skills. The Lord is definitely blessing her efforts and business has been so well that she was able to save up and buy this. A Nikon D5100.


With all the bells and whistles.


If you know anything about cameras you know that this wasn’t an inexpensive purchase. But she did it all on her own. The fact is, she is able to do all this from home where she can continue to learn and grow into the woman God wants her to be. She’s saving for a truck next. We are VERY proud of her.

But breaking the mold is hard. People judge you for your decisions because they aren’t popular with today’s society. It’s not a road that is easily taken. But the rewards are worth it.

I also want to give a shout out to another young lady who is stepping out in faith and opening her own Etsy shop. Her parents have the same convictions and their daughter is joining our daughter down that narrow path. She just started her shop but will be adding more things in the future.

No this wasn’t a promotion of their shops to get them some business. It was to let someone that might be struggling in the same area know that they are not alone and it’s okay to go against the flow sometimes. Though if you do buy from them you know that you are supporting the next generation of homemakers. *wink*

Well that’s what was on my heart today. Thank you to those who took the time to read it.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Hi Kim, I felt like I could have written this post because when our oldest was 15(homeschooled)she felt the Lord was leading her not to go to college and that she wanted to a wife and mother. Fast forward-she's been married 13 yrs, has 5 children and homeschools them all with the goal of having them be entrepreneurs. Over the years, we've gotten alot of bad reactions from some family-who think we're nuts and our kids are damaged. Our youngest daughter is married, with four girls and one on the way and homeschools too; both girls are raising future wives, moms, homesteaders and homeschoolers. What joy. Tell your daughter, for me, great job and keep on.
    Hugs to you Kim for persevering.
    Blessings, Noreen

  2. It's is interesting how people think you're ODD for thinking differently? Being a home-schooler myself I totally understand where you are coming from. My eldest (now 19) got tired of people asking her what she was going to do when she finished "school".. she's decided to study vet nursing next year as she is keen on working with horses. This year has been challenging in that she's not studying/nor working but I know God has a plan for what He is doing in her life right now. Yay for your DD buying a camera!


    P.S BTW...Regarding my boy's cake...Those WERE supposed to be piped stars Kim! They went all soft, though being piped and ended up being starless stars LOL!

  3. You're so awesome! :-)

    Love you!

  4. I'm sure you remember that I wrote a post very similar to this about 5 years ago...when my daughter was in her junior year of high school. At that time, we believed wholeheartedly that college was not in the future for her; in fact, though we might never have said so, we believed it was wrong (sinful even) for a girl to pursue a college education. My how things have changed!

    Our daughter (now 22) IS pursuing a college degree, but she is doing it from home, through a program called College Plus. Her main desire in life is to be a wife and mother (and to homeschool her own children), but at this season of her life, she felt led of the Lord to pursue an English degree. As certain anti-homeschooling mindsets gather increasing support, she wanted to have a college degree under her belt...in case that is ever a mandatory requirement in order to teach your own children. Additionally, she is seeking to further her education in a way which will allow her to make an income from home (writing).

    At any rate, as you and I both know, the path that one family follows is not always the path another family follows. I've learned not to worry about what someone else is doing...and not to worry if they don't approve of what I'm doing. Doing things differently (counter-culture) really is okay!!

    Even though my daughter IS doing college, since she is doing it in the non-traditional way, she still gets the "Are you crazy?" stares. People just think anyone not doing what everyone else is doing is an oddity.

    Blessings to your sweet girl on all her future endeavors.


  5. I've told you this before, but I'll say it again. I am SO PROUD of how you and your husband are raising your children! Everyone needs to find their own life path and not live their life according to someone else's standards. And a college education isn't all that it is cracked up to be, especially when you see graduates that have tens of thousands of dollars in debt and unemployed. Life is what you make of it!

    Your daughter and sons will go far in life. Most of all, they will be content and joyful!

  6. You guys are doing a great job my friend and your daughter is fabulous of course!! I have so many friends here doing so many different things - college, no college, online college, etc. - that I don't even give it a second thought! I say do what the Lord has called you to do and the best way to put your gifts and talents to use and don't worry about anybody else.

    Big love-that-your-daughter-was-able-to-purchase-such-a-cool-camera size hugs to you!! Love you friend! :)

  7. I L-O-V-E, love this. This is just how I felt when I graduated high school but I don't feel like there was support out there like there is now - a whole blogging community that feels much the way you describe. I am thrilled for your daughter. I pray my daughter takes the same road and I'm pretty sure she will. Congrats to her and you!

  8. That's WONDERFUL! I would be proud of the two of them, too! Going against the flow is really hard in today's world. Love it!

  9. AMEN sister!!
    My oldest has decided not to do college and we are ok with that. College isn't for everyone and following God's direction is what they need to do!!
    So tell her I said 'you go girl'!!
    Love ya!!
    Off to check out her etsy page :-)


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