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Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim’s Cafe is Now Open!

You don’t know this (because I can’t tell you everything) but I’ve been on a search for some new drinking cups for quite sometime. I’m pretty sure that these ones came over on the ark and they were starting to show their age. Not to mention they were made WAY before the concern about BPA  contamination and I’m sure they’ve taken at least a whole week off my life because of it. *wink*

IMG_4010This is just a few of the many that I had. I liked the fact that there were like 8 different colors as I could assign a color to each person. But they are now in the recycle bin. Let’s just say they had run their race and should have retired years ago.

Now the new cups had to meet a certain criteria. They had to still be plastic (because I have children), they had to be BPA free (because that stuff is bad for ya) they had to be a decent size but not to big (because who wants to carry around a HUGE glass just for a cup of water).


Believe it or not it’s been a tough thing to find and I almost settled for some mammoth 24oz tumblers from Sam’s for $20.00 for 8. That is until I walked past their restaurant section. There I found these.


I know that I’ve probably crossed the line to tacky but these actually have a lot of things going for them. #1- They were only $17.00 for 24 cups.  #2-They are BPA free and stain and odor resistant. #3- They are red and match my kitchen which already has a retro type feel so they should be great. Right? Right?

The only downfall is that they are ALL red. I’m going to have to come up with some way to identify each glass for my family. Got any ideas? So you want to come to Kim’s cafe and have an iced tea or lemonade? Do you think I’m completely off my rocker?



  1. Congrats on completing your quest for cups. That red color will look good in your kitchen, as you mention. I don't have any ideas on how to differentiate them, but someone here in blogland will.

  2. There's always the permanent maker thing. My boys are notorious for labeling all their plastic cups. And not just with their names! My oldest just likes to scribble on his. I know. I don't get it either. His name only has three letters, so it's not like it's any faster to scribble all over the thing! Lol!

    Nice thing is, the writing usually comes off in a washing or two. That's my best answer. I like the red, btw!

  3. I love them! I wish I could get hubby to pitch out his old plastic cup and get a new one. And he won't use the glass ones!

    You know, the Martha Stewart craft paint is supposed to be good on all surfaces. You could try painting stripes in different colors along the bottom. Just tape it off in sections, using painters tape.

  4. What great cups! I think they look classy. :)
    In our house, we use different colored rubber bands/hair ties for identifying glasses...
    And yes- I would love to drink lemonade out of one of those glasses at Kim's cafe :)

  5. I think it's awesome! Why not? They are all uniform and sturdy- what more could you want??? Sam's rocks! :-)

    At our house, everyone has their own Tervis Tumbler with a different decal on each one. Seems to be working really well, and they have lifetime guarantees! (Which we need :P)

    Can I take you up on that lemonade offer? Sounds so refreshing! :-)

  6. So glad I am not the only to obsess on this same topic--bpa free and kid friendly yet working for adults. I laughed out loud a few times on this!
    Can you use a permanent paint pen on the outside? would it wash off? then kids could decorate too...

  7. I think it works my friend!! Sounds smart to me! What about using white paint and either hand-painting or stenciling initials on the sides?

    Big I-want-to-come-over-to-Kim's-Cafe-but-can-I-have-some-sweet-tea size hugs to you! Love ya!! :)


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