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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MOTY Award Reason #4 The Last and Final Reason!

Well I’m finally coming to an end of all the reasons why I thought I should receive the Mother of the Year award. Feel free to go back 3 or 4 posts and see for yourself the convincing arguments I have made on my behalf.

The last and final reason was so much fun I can hardly say that I sacrificed much at all.

The day after Sea World we woke up in the hotel, had breakfast and headed out to finish our vacation.

We went to a couple of stores in the area that we had been wanting to see and then we headed to Old Town. You know, the place where my BFF and I did this. 

But this time we were on a mission. A few years ago we and our BFF’s got our pictures taken in that old timey style and we always wanted to go back there and have our family portrait done. Well last Thursday was that day.

We decided to go with the gunslinger/southern belle style.

The kids did SO good. Our youngest was like an ol’ pro at it. They would tell him to make a serious face and he just turned it off like it was nothing. So did my middle man. It was so fun watching them get all dressed up and be so photogenic.

Prepare yourself for serious cuteness ahead.

(sorry for the watermark in the middle of the picture but I don’t want to take any chances of someone stealing these pictures.)

14101620120426_011 14101620120426_012

And don’t even get me started on my daughter. Oy! When did she grow up into this beautiful woman?


And then all 3 of them together. I love this picture.


Aren’t they all just to cute?

This next picture just cracks me up. My hubby and I with our little smirks on our face. It makes you wonder what we were both thinking at that moment.


I told my hubby he REALLY needs this outfit. I think he looks so HOT!!!!

And finally we have the whole family together.

The serious, don’t mess with us look.


And the happy happy it’s all good look.


It was a blast to say the least.

We finished up our day at Old Town with the riding of some go-karts.  We then headed to the nearest Fat Boys BBQ and headed home.

Thank you for joining me on our little stay-cation getaway.

Have a GREAT day my friends.

Stay tuned for a Gooseberry Patch Book giveaway.


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    You all look so stinkin cute!!! How fun..

    Yes.. you do deserve the mother of the year award!! And you look so good doing it too!!

  2. You are all too adorable for words, right down to the matching smirks! ROFL!!! I think you guys had a fantastic stay-cation!

  3. SUCH cuteness!! Love it all!! Maybe you all should dress like that all the time - hee,hee. Glad you had so much fun!

    Big wait-are-those-the-W-sisters-in-the-pics size hugs to you! You look so good! Love you friend!! :)

  4. oh my goodness Kim....these are fabulous pics! What a wonderful thing to do as a family :0)

    I need to go back and read you previous posts now...

  5. These pics are making me think it's time to get some neat dressup clothes/costumes for my toddler...thanks! :)

  6. What fun photos! They turned out great. My husband and I went to this actual same place (in Old Town) back on one of our first dates. That would be 1992 or 1993. Glad to see it is still in business.


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