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Friday, June 8, 2012

104 Days of Summer Vacation!

We are in full blown Summer Fun mode. How about you?

It’s no secret that we enjoy the cartoon Phineas and Ferb here at our hacienda. So it will be no surprise to you that when I saw this board game, I had to get it to kick off our Summer fun.


We played it last weekend and I have to say this. It is a BLAST! I don’t think you really have to be a fan of the show in order to like the game but being a fan makes it that much more fun.

Our family ranges in age from 7 to 40 something and we all had a great time playing it.

It’s not your typical board game. No, this one makes you get up and get active. It has you doing all sorts of crazy things. For instance grabbing as many hats as you can and putting them on your head before the timer runs out.


Yeah, hubby got that card. It was hilarious watching him run around.

Then on another card you had to place the ball (that’s included) in the middle of the game board and see who can blow it across the board first.


This next picture of me isn’t very flattering but I had to show you just one of the things I had to do.

Here I had to be 4 giant steps away from the mummy (also included), bend over and throw the brain (also included) between my legs and knock the mummy over.  Yeah, I missed.


As you can see it was a blast to play.

Here’s a look at the game board.


I bought mine off of Amazon and it was worth every penny for the laughs it brought us that night and I’m sure many more.

I even think I’ve picked out our theme song for the Summer too. Listen to it and you’ll agree it’s the perfect Summer song.

What fun new thing have you discovered this Summer?

Have a lovely day my friends.


  1. It kinda sounds like our favorite game Outta Control. We love that game! Unfortunately it was a game from the 90's they don't make anymore. I happened to remember loving to play it at a friend's house one night and looked and looked until I found a decent priced one online.

  2. I guess I have been living under a rock because I've never heard of these characters before! It's so refreshing to see a family playing board games these days. Playing cards and board games were how we spent many hours in my family.

  3. My kids have just discovered Phinesas and Ferb on the Roku and are loving it! We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for the board game :)

  4. Looks like lots of fun my friend! So cute seeing all of you play it! We just bought Settlers of Catan, so will be learning that game this week.

    Big you-guys-should-do-a-commercial-for-this-game size hugs to you! Love ya! :)

  5. Love the Mummy pic! My daughter just bought herself the game called "In A Pickle" for a dollar at a yard sale, and it is a blast! You make up really silly sentences. Very fast pace! Very fun!


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