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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Tie Dye Shirt Fail!

This picture cracks me up! Are we having fun yet?IMG_4136

I’m not sure if they could have looked more thrilled in this picture. I promise they were all excited to do this. Really. Can you see me trying to hold my shirt up over there in the lower left hand corner? Someone’s got to take the picture and it’s usually me.

Anyhoo we worked diligently on our shirts. Wrapping them, tying them, dying them with last years ink that ended up being a big mistake because apparently the ink goes bad and I didn’t know that because I’m not an ink expert, but more on that in a little bit. (Nice run on sentence.)

Busy busy busy!


Fun fun fun!


We worked hard and waited patiently for our shirts to cure so we could unwrap them and see our beautiful creations. And they were beautiful. (Well except for maybe my hubby’s. He tried to do his own thing.  Don’t stray from the instructions next time Honey.) Until…………..


IMG_4150 IMG_4151

IMG_4153 IMG_4152

……..we washed them. This is what I get for trying to be frugal.

From left to right you have mine, my hubby’s and my daughter’s. The boy’s shirts did the same thing but theirs are in the wash because they are actually wearing them.


As you can see the color completely washed out. So what does one do when one is faced with such a problem as this? They go back to the store to buy a NEW tie dye set and redo our shirts.

Last years tie dyes are still very colorful after many many washings so I know it’s the ink that must have been too old. Oh well, lesson learned.

So be on the look out for Tie Dye Shirts Take 2.

Have you had a Summer Fun Fail yet? Do tell.






  1. You know what's funny? I actually like the washed out ones BETTER! I do! They look more vintage/retro,... Um, can I have Kelsey's if she doesn't want it? LOL ;)

  2. Me too Kathy" I think they look great, no fail there!

  3. Ummm... quick question? Did you wash the shirts first? Cuz' we had a similar issue with ours a few years back (with brand new ink) and it was because we had brand new shirts that were never washed before. Well, all except for my son's shirt, he had worn his a few times previously and his turned out perfect. That's how I knew it was because we had failed to wash them first. Just a thought...

  4. I did wash them first. I really think it was old ink. *sigh*

  5. From your expressions in the first photo, it was like everyone knew where the project was headed! Too funny! The shirts were colorful masterpieces! The pastel look is still nice looking though. They just don't scream color like the originals. Gosh, I had no idea that inks went bad either!

  6. Well, I think it's still a success, because I've never done tye dye...ever... It will be cool to see how the second batch turns out ;) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  7. Failed fun is inevitable from time to time.... Especially cuz I am the only female in our familia!!

  8. That stinks! Your shirt was beautiful, too! At least it's a fun process to repeat! Best wishes on round 2!!!! Can't wait to see them!

  9. I really like the faded ones! But I'm sorry they didn't turn out how you all wanted. Bummer. But I'm waiting to see Take 2!

    Big failures-are-really-just-learning-opportunities size hugs to you - LOL! :) Love you friend!


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