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Friday, September 21, 2012

Football, Birthday Money, and Me!

It’s time for a little back story. It won’t take long trust me.

Ever since I was a teenager I loved watching football. It all started because of the players uniforms. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m just being honest here.  But I grew into a true fan of the sport. I was never fanatical about it or anything but I did enjoy watching it. As a teenager I bounced around from team to team not really being loyal to just one until I watched the New England Patriots play many many years ago. And then a light bulb came on. “Hey!” I said to myself. “You’re from New England.” And thus my dedication to a team was born.

Fast forward to when I met my hubby. He didn’t watch football or any sport for that matter. He’d much rather be doing something else and so football for me was put on the back burner and I was fine with that.

Fast forward 17 or so years to now. The kids and I REALLY enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics. So much so that it gave me the hankerin’ for some sport watching. And wouldn’t you know, football season was just around the corner.

Coincidentally I happen to have some birthday money that my Mom gave me that I hadn’t done anything with because I never know what to buy. I always try to buy something frivolous with it but I usually end up spending it on something practical. But I had a crazy idea for this money. I ran it by my hubby and he was totally fine with my idea and so with my birthday money, I bought this.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I bought me an official Patriots jersey. This year I’m gonna watch me some Patriots football. But since we don’t have cable or anything I’m sure I won’t be catching all their games but I’ll enjoy the ones I do get to watch………while wearing my jersey!!! Woot! Woot! Yes, I feel cool. Yes, I’m a goober. Yes, you wasted about 2.5 minutes of your life reading this post.

My hubby is totally fine with it. Plus I promised him some yummy football watching goodies!

Let me ask you this. Do you watch football and if so who’s YOUR favorite team?

Love and Hugs,



  1. I used to have a Pats T-shirt, too! It was my favourite shirt!! I didn't buy mine though; I found it, forgotton, on some bleachers once. Along with a cool men's watch! (Relax, I turned them into the lost & found, but when they weren't claimed, I got to keep them!)

    I, of course, cheer for my hometown CFL team, but I do love that NFL ball extends the season for us Canadians!! It's not NEARLY as huge a deal up here as down there ('cuz stupid hockey is everyone's preoccupation up here. Ugh.), but I'll take a football game ANY day!!

  2. Yeah, you're a goober, but you're OUR goober! LOL. We don't watch much sports except for UT Lady Vols basketball. Every now and then hubby will watch some college football.

  3. I don't really watch football or any sports on TV other than golf occasionally. Hubs likes football but doesn't get a chance to watch often. He hates the Patriots though {because of what Tom Brady did} - so he will always be rooting against you - LOL!

    Big that-shirt-looks-super-cute-my-friend-so-we'll-need-pics-of-you-in-it size hugs to you!! Love ya! Happy Friday! :)

  4. Yes, sometimes I watch football. But like you we do not have cable or satalitte or anything else that gets reception. My favorite team is the Rams, due in part mostly because I liked Kurt Warner. Now I lean towards Green Bay, because I like Aaron Rogers (I like those guys with good moral standards, ya know!).

    I get my kicks though, through fantasy football. It's soo much fun and gets my compeitive streak going! Currently I'm 2-0!

  5. We've all watched differnet sports off and on but due to schedules we can never committ to a season of anything. This year my oldest son is in football so of course we are all dedicated to it. I've never been able to pick a team I really like but my hubby is for the browns because they are the underdogs. Haha its fun!

  6. Hello Mrs.Kim!
    I have Awarded you over @ my Blog,
    Because your So Special! <3

    Love Mariah :)

  7. Welcome back Kim. I am here via Lisa's blog, once again to visit you. I love that you dare to be yourself and follow your love for football. Me, I'm just in it for the snacks. :)

  8. I do enjoy watching football. This is 49er nation where I live!!! Have a great weekend.

  9. You're a goober, I'm a goober, wouldn't everyone like to be a goober too?

    I love it! Not a huge football fan, but I don't mind watching it. I LOVE basketball! :D

  10. I love me some Ravens! My hubby, kids and I watch all the games.

  11. We go bananas over baseball around here....


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