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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Sad Fall Decor Attempt

I just don’t think I’m cut out for Autumn decorating. The colors just don’t speak to me in a way that I can understand. All I hear is taunting and whispering behind my back. They laugh at my lack of zeal for the season.

But because I’m not a quitter, I pressed on and came up with, well, what you are about to see here. Yes people, I’m putting myself out there to make you feel good. I’m a giver. Self sacrifice is my middle name. Seeing what you are about to see will give you the courage to press on and decorate your homes. Because frankly you can’t do much worse than what I am about to show you.

So without further ado, my Fall decor. I’ll the pictures do the talking. Tell me what YOU hear.



Here’s some awesome close ups to make it look like more than it is.




AND there you have it.

Now go forth and decorate!




  1. I'm not sure what all the hullabaloo is about...I think it looks perfectly lovely. Not overdone, simple, sweet and Fallish. :) I am working on mine... I'll share whenever i get it done... ok, whenever I get more than 2 manzanita trees done, LOL :)

  2. Dear Kim, Like most women, I think you are much harder on yourself that other people are....because I think your decorations are simply lovely!!!! I love your ceramic pumpkins and your table arrangements as well as your branches. You really have nothing to feel bad about! Sending love your way today.

  3. Well, you did better than me! :)

  4. Well I think they look wonderful! I love the colorful leaves on the branches!

    Actually I love it all, so don't sell yourself short, girl!

  5. Well I don't "hear" anything but I think that tree is absolutely adorable!! Just think of it as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of fall. All it needs is a little love, and it's certainly got plenty of that. :)


  6. I'm supposed to decorate for Fall!?!? Who knew?

    I love it!!! It looks Beautifall!

  7. That looks lovely! I put out very few decorations for fall. I'm just not into the color orange! It's my least favorite in the crayon box, LOL.

  8. I think it's lovely my friend! A few simple touches and not overdone - nice! Happy Fall!

    Big you-can't-spend-too-much-time-decorating-for-Fall-because-you'll-need-your-energy-for-all-the-Christmas-decorating-you-do size hugs to you!! Love you friend!! :)

  9. I've slowly been getting my fall decorations up too.
    It's kind of hard to get in the 'fall' mindset when it's still in the 80's.. LOL.

    Your decorations look fabulous!


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