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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Top 5 Morning Motivators

You know as well as I do that how we start our morning shapes the way for the whole day. I learned a long time ago that there are certain things I need to do to start my day out right. Do I always do them? Sadly no. But I will say that I do them more often than not and because I love sharing the best part of my day with you, here are my top 5 motivators.

1. Coffee and quiet time with the Lord. (MOST IMPORTANT)

2. Exercise. (Get it over with, you’ll feel more energized for what lies ahead)

3. A good breakfast. (Put fuel in that body. You’ll need the energy)

4. Hugs and kisses for the family. (Love on your family. It helps start THEIR day off right.)

5. The Game Plan (Check your list of things to do today so you can get an idea of how your day is going to unfold.)

I can almost guarantee you that if you start your day out with some sort of schedule, you’ll most likely stick to it and the rest of your day will go a lot smoother.

What are your morning motivators? What do you do to help start your day out right? Do share.




  1. That's a pretty good list! In the morning these days, I need lots and lots of coffee! I always make sure that I give my sweetie a smooch and tell him good morning.

  2. Coffee in one hand, pen in the other with Bible on my lap. Before that, some prayer.

    Need to do better on the schedule thing.

  3. Well I'm completely failing at a morning routine at the moment other than getting clothes & lunches ready for hubs & son, getting myself kind of presentable and driving son to school. Most of the time I get my prayer/reading done later in the morning. And there is always coffee - though sometimes it's 10am or so before I get a cup!

    Big I-need-a-drill-instructor-to-get-my-morning-routine-on-track size hugs to you!! Love ya! And you rock with your routine - I'm proud of you! :)

  4. Perfect list and if I would do those simple things that would make my day go so much better.

  5. Hey, Kim! What do you do for exercise in the morning? Are you a runner? I'm trying to ramp up my exercise quotient and need suggestions!! Hugs, Lynn

  6. I get up early enough to allow myself some time to "wake up," before I have to leave the house or do anything, lol!

    I'm so glad you dropped by today! I have been teaching myself some new stuff on the computer (how to make a printable) and of course, blogging every day.

    So I haven't been visiting or commenting much. But I think I'm finally getting the hang of this printable thing and can publish one on my blog. Then I won't have to spend so much time figuring it all out, lol!


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