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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And the Gingerbread House Winner Is…….

The Nestled Inn!! Which was made by my wonderful hubbalicious.


It’s funny because I told him before I even put our houses on here that his walkway was going to win it for him. And most of you commented on his walkway being the clincher. LOL!

No doubt he did a great job and deserves the win.

My house “Casa de la Mint” came in second.


As usual, we had a blast making them. Here are a few snapshots from the night.


IMG_4839 IMG_9412

MMMmmmm….Yummy homemade eggnog!



 IMG_9433  IMG_9422IMG_9430IMG_9421 

Just a candy coated mess! But it’s always worth it! 


As always, thank you for joining in the fun and voting for your favorite.




  1. They all look wonderful! And it looks like you had so much fun! I have to say, had I been on the ball and gotten here sooner to vote, I would have chosen the “Casa de la Mint”, honest. :) I really like the patterns you created on the house. Would it have made a difference?? Lol!

  2. What FUN Kim!! The kids look like they are having an awesome time too. I have purchased the kit but yet to make our houses. It's just too hot for much cooking right now being summer here in New Zealand!

  3. Hahaha, it's great fun to see the competition each year. I can't imagine Christmas without your gingerbreads! Congratulations to your hubbylicious! There were so many winning elements to his design, and that walkway just drew us right in for that sugary sweetness. I tell you, it was a tough competition this time. It was hard to make a decision.

  4. It looks like SO much fun!! I'm glad you guys keep up the tradition! And yay for the winning house!

    Big I'm-sorry-that-you-didn't-win-and-I-hope-you-do-better-next-year-'cause-I-know-it's-gonna-bother-you-so-I-hope-you-video-taped-the-whole-thing-so-you-can-analyze-it-and-see-what-did-and-didn't-work-for-you size hugs to you!!!! LOL! Love you my creative friend! :)


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