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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let’s Play Catch Up With Pictures

This is what we’ve been up to lately.

A recent trip to the part for a picnic, kickball and playground fun. My hubby and I found out that when you only have 2-3 on a team you have to run around a lot and we’re getting old.

IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5051

The local stuffed animals in a heated game of chess!


I discovered, while cleaning and organizing my craft room, that I’m a googly eye hoarder.


On this particular day the birds were lined up for their bath. So fun to watch.


A beautiful rainbow on a not so beautiful day.


Here’s my latest Etsy order. Someone wanted these colors for the dish soap aprons for a bridal shower she’s throwing for her sister. I made 6 of them and I think I need to make one for myself. They are so my colors.





  1. Great photos...I love the bird bath one and I had to giggle at the chess game pic.

    I love your soap apron too...so cute. feel free to make me one too LOL!


  2. oh...forgot to mention about discovering you are an eye horder...you are too funny HeHe!

  3. What a fun catch up!
    Looks like you all have been having a lot of fun.
    Loved the blog post with video of your manly man on the pink bike too.. too funny!

  4. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping at my blog. We have been hit with a lot of snow over the last few days, so I really enjoyed seeing the sunshine and green here. Your dish soap apron is adorable!

  5. Fun photos my friend and cute little aprons!!

    Big love-to-look-at-pics-but-always-forget-to-take-them-myself size hugs to you! Love ya! :)


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