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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I believe last year I participated in the “word for the year” motivator that was sweeping blogland. Hold on a sec while I go check….. Yup I did. It was “Git er’ done!” Let me see what the year before was. I’ll be right back……... Nope, I guess I only did it last year and since it worked so well for me *cough* I thought I’d try it again this year.

So this year my word is ORDER.

  • I want to get my life in order. (Lean more on Jesus. Don’t let the cares of this world get me down like they have been.)
  • My priorities in order. ( God, Husband, Family, Work (House))
  • My house in order. (Clear out the unnecessary. Keep a good cleaning routine. Meal plan more.)
  • My Homeschooling in order. (Plan regularly. Put more effort into it.)

I like the idea of writing things like this down. Our brains have a tendency to remember things that we write down better than if we didn’t.

Do you have a motivating word or phrase for the year? If so, what is it?




  1. Me too. Kim! I'm doing some rearranging in preparation for a fantastically creative year. Gotta love ORDER. I've found I NEED it to function too.

  2. Love your word for this year.

    Last years word for me was Joy, I really needed that.

    My word for this year is Reliance. I need to remember that God wants me to rely on Him

    Have a lovely New Year

    Journeying with Joy

  3. That's a great word my friend! You should go get yourself a free pretty button for your word from Melanie at Only A Breath!

    Big one-word-is-so-much-easier-to-focus-on-than-a-list-of-resolutions size hugs to you! Love you friend! Have a blessed 2013!! :)

  4. I think I'll just steal yours and your little list too cuz' it seems to fit perfectly!

  5. Order is a good one! I don't do a word for the entire month, but adopt one as times change for me during the year. It sure doesn't hurt to write your goals down. They say that you do better at achieving them if you do! If you have a blackboard, you could write them on that. Or else you could write them up on a sheet of paper and stick it on the fridge!

  6. Live in the moment.... Making memories
    Kiddos are growing up too quick!

  7. My life could use a little order! This year I've chosen the word "simply" - to simply love, simply live and simply give!

  8. That is a great word, Kim! I think my word would have to be "peace". I'm going to really need it this year, I can tell already.

    Have a great 2013!


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