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Monday, February 4, 2013

3 Disney Parks in 11 Hours!

The other day my daughter and I were finally able to make her birthday wish happen. Last September she wanted nothing more than to go to the Disney parks with me. You know a little Mother/Daughter time.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. It was 83 degrees, breezy and sunny.

I put together a little slide show of our day. It kind of takes you through our day from beginning to end. We started out at Disney, made our way to Animal Kingdom and then ended things with Hollywood Studios.

I even put some fun music to go with it for your enjoyment.

But first I wanted to share some observations I had while at the parks, with you.

1. It was hard to find someone that spoke English while at the parks.

2. I had fun confusing people that didn’t speak English.

3. People are in their own little world. Nobody is looking out for anyone but themselves.

4. Some people wear shoes to the parks that I couldn’t wear for 5 minutes and be comfortable. High heels anyone?

5. If I hoot and holler on the rides (and we went on A LOT) I will relive what happened at Sea World last year when I rode Kracken. Yup, I’ve got the cough all over again. *sigh* When will I learn?

6. Tourists leaving the parks after being there ALL day are probably more dangerous than drunks on the road. Sheesh!

7. I could have bought 24 bottles of water at WalMart and 3 Starbucks coffees for what I paid for 3 waters and 1 coffee at Disney. Really Disney? Really?

8. If we didn’t get in for free I would never pay to go there. It’s fun but WAY over priced.

9. Power walking on and off for 11 hours will cause you to get blisters even if you’re wearing comfortable sneakers. *sigh*

Okay enough observations for now. Here’s my little slide show. Some of the pictures came out blurry but you still get to witness the fun.

Oh yeah, I got to be in the Indiana Jones show so when you see some of those pictures know that I’m standing there as an extra. It was SO much fun!

Do you have a Disney experience?




  1. Do I have Disney memories?? ROFL!!!! Where do I start??

    Glad you two had so much fun.

  2. Sorry I never commented - but I did watch the entire slide show a while back!

    Big I-wanna-go size hugs to you! I've been to Disneyland twice - once with hubs and my dad after I graduated from college and once when Bryce was 4 - Dad & stepmom paid for us to go so we could join my sis (with Down syndrome) there. We need to go before my kid gets any older!!

    Love ya!! :)


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