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Monday, June 10, 2013

5+5+5 Day1: The Kitchen

5 5 5

Purging has been so freeing. I love getting rid of stuff I no longer need or use. It frees up so much space and I’m able to better organize what I do need and use.

I mainly purged out of my hutch but I was also able to FINALLY part with some of my Christmas mugs. *GASP* I’ve been collecting Christmas mugs for a very long time and my original intent was to use them at our Christmas parties, which I did, twice, out of almost 17 years of Christmas parties. *sigh* I did keep a few to hang on my cup holder at Christmas time, because you still have to have pretty mugs to have your coffee in.

Here’s a few of pictures of my purge.

The infamous Christmas mugs. Goodbye old friends. *sniff* Just kidding, I’ll be fine in a year or two.


All of this came out of my hutch. I had WAY to many candles that I haven’t burned for one reason or another and a sign that no longer matches my decor, a hugs vase that only looks good when when it’s got a couple of dozen roses in it (which it hasn’t had in many a moons) and then just some random tea light holders. Now I have lots more room in my hutch to spread out the stuff I do use. Yay, me!


I love aprons but I never use these because one is WAY to hot and the other I made WAY to big.  The rest is just stuff that was shoved in the back of a cupboard. 


As you can see, I definitely purged more than 5 items. I knew I would but I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself, cause I’d cave and not do anything, because I’m good like that.

So I know a few of you wanted to join in so I thought it would be easy for you just to leave your link in a comment. I’ll be sure to check out your progress as well.

Up Tomorrow: The Closet! Dun dun dun!!

Click Here to see the whole line up this week.




  1. Don't you just hate parting with all of those Christmas mugs. I have a few in my cupboard that could go too! Good job today!

  2. Thanks for your reminder to purge, it is so liberating. I am going to find a few things to put in a bag for UCP (United Cerebral Palsy), they send a truck to my house and neighborhood and the next one will be June 21. I will do that right now.

  3. Sigh, yes I need to purge but don't have the time now... no, really I don't, I shouldn't even be here responding to this blog post cuz' I've got slide shows to finish before Wednesday morning and time is ticking by... tick,. tick, tick....

  4. GOOD JOB!!!!

    Big I'm-totally-in-shock-that-you-are-getting-rid-of-Christmas-mugs size hugs to you!! A-MAZ-ING! LOL! Love you friend! I'm proud of your purging! :)

  5. So great that you are doing this, Kim. I've been purging stuff all summer & it feels just as good to declutter as it does to detoxify. Actually better. ;) Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!

  6. You're making some great progress!


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