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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kicking Off Summer Fun!

Two years ago I started making our Summers more intentional and it’s totally been worth the effort. The whole family gets excited about what I’ve got planned.

If you are thinking about making your Summers more intentional then here are a couple of tips.

  • Things don’t have to be elaborate. Something simple like making ice cream or coloring a Summer themed page together is fine. (The important thing is that YOU and hubby, if he’s available, do it with them.)
  • Gather your supplies ahead of time. I start planning Summer fun WAY before it actually happens and then I put my supplies in one location.

You can always check out my first post I wrote about our first Intentional Summer Fun for more tips.

So typically we kick off our Summer fun with the tie dying of t-shirts. Well this year was no different except my boys ventured off the normal tie dying ways and did their own thing. I being a structured, if it’s not broke don’t fix it kind of gal, suggested they do things the way we’ve always done it. BUT they didn’t. My youngest loved his but my middle man wasn’t to crazy about how his came out. 

The supplies. I opted to try the spray tie die kit but next year I’m going to go back to the squirt bottles. The spray didn’t saturate through the shirts very well. Plus it got every where you didn’t want it to go. Just my opinion.



Clean slate. What to do ,what to do?



This picture cracks me up. We all get right to work while my middle man (pictured left), has a spot of tea. Ha! Ha! Our family’s special.


Little man got started right away. I’m pretty sure he used half the bottles on his shirt alone.



Middle man looking for inspiration.



As you can see they strayed from the normal tie dying ways. There was no tying involved in their creations. Which is fine for them but not me. Noooooo..IMG_5842 


I ALWAYS do things by the book. *cough* See how I tied and then dyed? Yeah, I’m good like that.

  IMG_5834 IMG_5836


Hubby didn’t tie his either but his actually came out really cool.


I bet you’re looking for the finished shirts huh? Yeah, well I never got a picture of them all finished and the start of my Summer fun posts were long overdue.

Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll hunt them all down today, take a picture and then put it in my next Summer Fun post. Okay? Okay!

Have a lovely day my friends.




  1. That looks like fun! I love what you did with your shirt. I'll have to add this for our summer plans next year.

  2. You have NO idea how horrified I was to get to the end of the post and discover there were no pics of the finished shirts! It was like reading a cliff-hanger - ack! LOL!

    Big apparently-I-prefer-what's-known-as-batch-commenting-these-days size hugs to you!! LOL! I always think I'm just a post or 2 behind on comments and then discover that so many have gone by {since I already read them I think it confuses me - I think if I read it then I already commented on it mentally so you should have just read my mind.} :D Love.you.

  3. You always plan out the best family activities!


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