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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The 5+5+5 Challenge!

Yes, I realize there are about 5 million and 2 challenges going on in blog world right now but none of them seemed to suit my needs right here, right now. So what does one do? She creates her own challenge in hopes that there is at least one person out there that hasn’t already done all the other 5 million and 2. Either way, I’m doing it and I’m going to blog about it to hold myself accountable.

Okay, here are the deets (that’s cool talk for details).

5 Days (because any more than that and I’m not gonna do it. I’ve already proven that).

5 Rooms (because most of us have at least 5 rooms right?)

5 Things (and by things I mean anything you don’t need or want anymore.)

Every year I go through a phase where I feel the urge to purge. I’m feeling the urge right now and I wanted to go for it before it passes. (That sentence just gets weirder and weirder the more you say it.) Anyhoo, if you’ve been wanting to go through your home and get rid of a “few” things (that’s why I picked 5 and not 10), then feel free to join in.

Next week, Monday-Friday I’m going to pick 5 rooms. (You pick whatever rooms you want)

These Rooms:

Monday: Kitchen

Tuesday: Closet

Wednesday: Kids room

Thursday: Office

Friday: Living Room

Then I’m going to gather my 5 (or more if I feel so led) things, take a picture (for justification) and then blog about my surreal experience of my purgefest.

If I have enough takers I’ll produce a linky at the bottom of my post for you to link up. If I don’t that’s okay too. I’m still gonna do it.

So what do you say? You in? If you don’t have a blog you can always just tell me in the comment section what you got rid of each day. That way you have some accountability.

Here’s the really sad button I made for it. Can you tell I was rushed or have no idea what I’m doing? Either way, here it is.

5 5 5Hopefully I’ll see you next week.

Have a wonderful day my friends.




  1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for the cute Garfield cook book!

    Good luck with your challenge. I took a box of stuff to one of our local thrift stores yesterday (this particular one is "free shopping" for people who use our local food pantry). I'm done with a cluttered home, stuff is going bye-bye! :)

  2. Great idea! Last day of school is Monday, so it'll be a great way to start off the summer.

  3. I'm in. I think I can handle getting rid of 5 things in 5 rooms for 5 days! (seeing as how you don't specify that I have to then deep-clean those rooms as well!! ;)

    I may have to start today though, since we're leaving for a 4-day weekend on Thursday after school. So I'm going to wrap up my 5 days on Wednesday, I think. I don't know if I'll post each day, but I am hereby committing to rid my house of a total of 25 things before next Thursday!

  4. I'm in! I have a ton of stuff I NEED to get rid of so surely I can find 5 things in 5 rooms.

  5. Good job my friend! I won't join in this one since I already did my 7+ things a day for the month of May. I got rid of so much stuff!! And I've even got rid of more since then.

    Big how-is-it-that-we-can-always-find-things-to-get-rid-of-even-when-we-already-got-rid-of-a-bunch-of-stuff size hugs to you! Love ya! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Nice idea Kim! We were on the same thought process except I did not do it in 5 days I did it in two and went through the whole house... I had the perfect opportunity... My husband and son were both out of town and I took full advantage of tearing the house apart. It is such a good feeling to purge, donate, give away things that are only cluttering your house and weighing you down... Nicely done Kim - it is fun following along... Simple is better.... God bless you and yours!!! MWJ <3


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