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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Embracing Fall! Day 4: Tempting Your Taste Buds!

Even more so then the smells, I love the flavors of Fall. Once again apples and pumpkins are the center of attention here. I guess it’s because they are in season and at their best.

So just for you, I’ve picked out some of my favorite apple and pumpkin recipes.

This first thing isn’t so much a recipe but it embraces the essence of all things Fall. It’s this. Godiva Pumpkin Spice Coffee. A little pumpkiny Heaven in a cup!

IMG_6194 I’ve tasted flavored coffees in the past that left me highly disappointed with their chemically aftertaste, but this coffee walks your taste buds through a forest of spice laden pumpkins that will have them dancing by the time you’re done. Yeah, it’s that good. I’ve had it with and without coconut sugar and of course anything is better with sugar but it even tastes good without it. And the smell when it’s brewing? Phagetaboutit!

It almost seems downhill after that but I’m sure you’ll find these Fall delights pretty worth your while. Click the pictures to view the recipes.

How about something pumpkiny for supper. Better yet, how about a crockpot dish?

Chicken Pumpkin SoupThese are just a few of my favorites but I have a whole recipe index with lots of pumpkiny and apple recipes perfect for fall. You can check them out HERE.

And don’t forget my friend Lisa is having an Autumn Apples week and has some yummy apple recipes there too.

I hope you are enjoying this little series. I’m having fun doing it. *smile*

Have a lovely day my friends.




  1. Everything looks so yummy...especially the coffee...I confess...I am lost without my morning coffee and pumpkin sounds amazing!

  2. I'm going to get some of that coffee...it sounds delicious. I think I'll make gingerbread to go with it. :)

  3. I can testify every one of the above are outstanding, even the author.

  4. You have lots of yummy recipes my friend! And thanks for the mention! :)

    Big you're-making-me-hungry-'cause-I-haven't-had-my-breakfast-yet size hugs to you! Love you! :)

  5. I've tried pumpkin flavored coffee before, and I confess that I didn't like it! We drink a lot of flavored coffees, though, and my favorites are an orange-flavored one and one with peppermint (only available at Christmastime).


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