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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Embracing Fall! Day 3: The Smells of Fall!

There are some smells that you just associate with different things. Like every time I cook a turkey I think of Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter when I’m cooking it, Thanksgiving is on my mind.

Same thing happens when Fall comes around. The smell of apples and pumpkins really get me in the mood to celebrate the season. (Though have you ever smelled a pumpkin? It doesn’t really smell that great.  It’s more the pumpkin with all the spices that smell good.)

So in preparation I went about ordering me some new scents for the season. Now I’ve never ordered candles online before because I’m one who likes to sniff 100 of them in the store only to forget which ones I liked the best and start all over again. Yeah. Just call me the crazy candle lady.

But I have really started to like a certain brand of candles and they don’t sell them any where real close so I took a chance and ordered online and my choices of scents did not disappoint.

First we have Apple Cider. Not a super strong scent but walking by it will make you crave the real thing. Smells so nice.


The second one is Apple Pie. It smells like fresh apples baking in the oven. Very nice.


But I saved my favorite for last. It’s Maple Pumpkin Muffin. Oh this just fills the house with such a wonderful smell. It really is a glorious mixture of maple and pumpkin spices.


If candles aren’t your thing how about this simmering potpourri I came up with a couple years ago. It smells divine as well. Very fruity and cinnamony. (Click the picture for the recipe)

Simmer Potpourri  1

So tell me. What are your favorite smells of Fall?

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Oh and in case you are interested I bought my candles from a company called The Lampstand. The prices for the candles were cheaper than going to the store and I spent enough for free shipping. No I’m not getting compensated for sharing that information with you. I just thought you’d like to know. *smile*

Have a lovely day my friends.




  1. Thanks for the link! My favorite smells are apple pie and anything with cinnamon. Happy Fall!

  2. Those scents sound so good! I need some fall candles. I think one of my fave scents in Fall is cinnamon and pumpkin with spices.

    Big the-scents-of-Fall-make-me-feel-cozy size hugs to you! Love ya!

  3. I bet the two apple ones smell especially yummy!


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