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--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Decor’ on the Fly!

Yesterday was a fun day. My hubby was off, the weather was nice and we just enjoyed being outside and having fun.

One thing we decided to do was to make a scarecrow. I’ve never made a scarecrow before but I figured it couldn’t be too hard. I gathered some old pants and a shirt from my youngest, my hubby had picked up a bale of hay, so we got to work.

The kids had fun stuffing their pieces of the scarecrow.


I think they got a little carried away though. This scarecrow already needed to go on a diet.


I worked on the head and hubby helped with the building and placement of our newly made friend.


As we sat him on his designated space I realized it was lacking something. My hubby and I both agreed that it needed a sign of some sort. So he got to cutting and nailing and I got to painting. Not my best work but like I said, it was totally on the fly and not planned out at all.


But in the end I think it came out kinda cute.

 Fall Decor

Now, I think our scarecrow needs a name. Any suggestions?

Have a lovely day my friends and remember to look for the fun in each day.




  1. Aww, he turned out great!!! Nicely done!

  2. I think he looks great!!!

    Although... I did laugh out loud at the picture of your son with the torso... Can you guess why? :)

  3. He looks wonderful..I think the family did a terrific job on ole PUDGE :)...love his fluffy stuffins!

  4. Haha, he doesn't look like he would "scare" anyone! Adorable!

  5. So so cute!! You're such good parents!

    Big maybe-he-should-be-called-a-cheercrow-instead-of-a-scarecrow size hugs to you! Love ya, my scarecrow-lovin' friend!


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