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Monday, October 21, 2013

Here’s Your Friendly 2014 Calendar Reminder

I know we still have 2+ months left in the year but if you want to insure that you get the calendar you want you better purchase it quickly. For instance, I just bought the 2014 Gooseberry Patch calendar last week because I know for a fact that they disappear really quick.

There are a few places you can buy their calendar. I for one bought mine at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon. Hobby Lobby actually has a wonderful selection of calendars to choose from.

If you’re like me you like to hold the calendar and be able to look and see what the pages of the month look like and then choose based on what you like best.

I for one go for the happy and fun calendars and Gooseberry Patch calendars always nail that on the head for me. They go perfect in my kitchen and also have a recipe each and every month. Yay! (No Gooseberry Patch is not paying me to say this. LOL!)

Here’s a peek at the calendar I just bought.

 IMG_6286 IMG_6287


 Here a sneak peek at my birthday month. Isn’t the artwork just fun and colorful?IMG_6289

If you want to purchase this calendar I wouldn’t wait too long.  
If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, you can purchase it either at the Gooseberry Patch website HERE or on Amazon HERE. 

I still love my wall calendar even with all the high tech gadgets out there. What about you? Do you still use a wall calendar or are you completely digital these days? Frankly I use both. 

Have a lovely day my friends.



*The Amazon link is an affiliate link and I will receive a small kick back if you purchase through it. *smile*



  1. We absolutely have to have a wall calendar in the kitchen. They used to feature Wysocki prints, but we have lately been getting one with Williamsburg scenes. And we both have desk calendars which features our photographs.

  2. That looks like it goes perfectly with your kitchen! We haven't had a wall calendar in a while, but I still always use a planner with a monthly calendar in it.

    Big you-just-reminded-me-that-I-have-to-get-hubs-his-annual-Christmas-Dilbert-desk-calendar size hugs to you! Love ya! :)


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