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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall/Winter Garden 2013

I know some of you up north are like, “What? A garden this late?” And if you’re already under snow it’s understandable that you would be asking such a question. But here in Florida it’s actually our best planting season. Unless of course we get an unexpected hurricane or freeze, which rarely happen at this time.

It was 91 degrees yesterday and my hubby, the boys and I all sported long sleeves and jeans to protect us from getting burnt to a crisp and from the bugs (spiders, ants, roaches, etc. did I mention spiders?). Not to mention it’s a pretty dirty job.

After my hubby tills the Spring/Summer garden up he puts black sheeting over it and it decomposes and gets ready for the Fall/Winter garden. He then just tills it up to make it light and fluffy and away we go.

So far we’ve planted cauliflower, broccoli, kale, bell peppers, green beans, lettuce and tomatoes. We will plant cabbage and brussels sprouts in November when it’s “cooler” because they don’t tolerate heat well but do great in colder temps.

Here are just a few pics from our day.

Dad showing the boys where to plant the broccoli. They were such HUGE helpers. I love that they want to help us.


Here I am fixin’ to give myself a headrush when I stand up. I’ve learned that I can’t squat over and over again without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I think it’s a height thing. Or an old thing. Not sure, but it made planting difficult. LOL!


Headrush recovery, with a smile of course! I am totally sporting this look.


All ready to go.


 Well that’s it for now. Did you plant anything this year? What did you grow?

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Have a lovely day.




  1. Yeah, "winter gardens" are virtually unheard of up here on the Canadian prairies. Were it not for bloggy friends, I wouldn't know about them either! Thankfully, we are NOT under snow yet. It would be quite unusual still at this time of year, though we do sometimes get the odd flurry this early. They generally don't stick around, but the snowfalls that DO stick around aren't far off anymore ~ probably only about 6 weeks away (give or take 2 weeks!). Gross.

    Enjoy your produce and send warm thoughts my way when you're harvesting your broccoli and I'm frozen solid!!

  2. I think it is great for the kids to get into the gardening act! They are learning to appreciate the food that they eat!

  3. Good job! I think we'll try to plant a little something for Fall and we're hoping to put a dwarf mandarin tree in a corner. But our Summer planting didn't turn out too well, so we'll only try a couple things.

    Big you-have-the-best-gardening-helpers-around size hugs to you! Love you!

  4. Hey girl!!
    Long time no comment.. sooo sorry!!
    Wedding plans and business stuff my life has been crazy.. but I wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope your garden is growing well and you aren't getting head buzzes anymore.. LOL


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