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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wedding, Vacation, VBS oh My!

To say the last 2 months have been busy is an understatement. It’s been a whirlwind of events one right after the other.

I’ve been trying desperately to get a post up but haven’t had the time. But here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on the last two months. Because I know you care. *smile*

And just because I like to pretend I’m organized, I put them in chronological order. Isn’t that fun? Oh yes, so much fun. This all starts at the beginning of May. So here we go.

1. Celebrated youngest sons birth.

2. I got sick with a HORRIBLE cold.

3. Celebrated the union of my beautiful daughter and her fiancé.

4. Prepared to go on vacation.

5. Chipped back tooth night before leaving for vacation.

6. Went on a weeks worth vacation.

7. Came home, called dentist, they were on vacation. *sigh*

8. Started emptying, painting and switching around rooms.

9. Kids and I had VBS.

10. Youngest child got sick.

11. Planned on celebrating middle child's birthday. See #11.

12. Middle child got sick.

13. I went in to get my tooth looked at, finally, 3 weeks after I broke it. Had molds made for a crown. Not fun.

14. Still painting, organizing, switching around rooms.

15. Going back to the dentist this morning to have permanent crown put on. Looking forward to having it done.

16. Gonna have a garage sale this weekend. See # 14

17. Going to celebrate middle child’s birthday this weekend. Hopefully.

18. Year end evaluations for the kids next week.

The end.

I’m really looking forward to a break.

And for those of you looking for the wedding post. I promise it’s coming soon. I am going to document that, our vacation and the room transformations. I’m sure you don’t want to see the molds of my tooth. Or do you?

Have a lovely day.



  1. Whew! You've had a lot going on. Most are GOOD things though (not counting the tooth). I'll look for your updating posts when I get back from my vacation. Soooooo looking forward to a WEEK at PCB with hubby, s-i-l, two daughters and their families. FUN!

  2. Hey Kim,
    Glad to see you back blogging. How are you doing? I so know that feelings you may be dealing with with having your daughter no longer at home.. they snuck up on me BIG time..like the few days before the wedding and she was carrying boxes out of the house.. oh my gosh.. my heart hurt so bad.. in a weird good, sad way.
    Sounds like you have been very busy though too to help you with the adjustment. Praying you are doing well!

  3. That is a busy several weeks! I just love wedding pics, so I'll be back to check out the wedding post. :)

  4. Oh, Kim, it's great to see a post from you. I haven't seen you on FB in months (though I admit I rarely use it, when I AM on, I haven't seen you). I've very nearly jotted you a FB message just to check on you.

    So glad to see that you are still blogging. I've started a new blog, dedicated to preserving family memories. I grew weary of just classic film blogging, plus, my family history project rather inspired a new blog. Feel free to pop by for a visit.

    I have missed you! Can't wait to see wedding photos.


  5. That's quite a list! I had to have a whole bridge replaced last month, and I had to have the forms done twice. Extra fun, haha! I asked for a discount since they made me come back ( due to their mess up), but the dentist told me a flat no. Hope everyone is over the sicknesses!


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