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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Gingerbread House Winner! 2014


Well the votes are in and boy was this a close one. The winner only won by one vote and that winner was ME!


I honestly can’t believe it. I thought for sure my hubby was going to win. We were tied for the longest time and it kept going back and forth. And I have to admit that my oldest son’s was pretty dang good. He was the one with the candy cane on his roof. Both our boys are going to be some serious competition as the years go on. I mean my youngest did an incredible job on his for only being 9 years old. If you missed the houses you can go HERE to check them all out.

As always we had a blast decorating them. We were all a bit under the weather but still managed to have fun with it.

We of course had to buy extra candy. They just don’t give you enough variety to let your creative juices flow.


And for whatever reason I have no more pictures of the night. I think because I was so focused on my own house. *smile*

Thanks again to all who voted on here and on my FB page. You make it fun to do every year.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Congrats my friend! Good thing for you that I didn't get my vote in on time or it WOULD have been a tie!! LOL. You're welcome. :D I'm so glad you keep doing this every year - I live vicariously through you. Such a fun tradition that your kids will want to pass on to their kids. Love you friend! Big but-how-much-candy-did-you-eat size hugs to you!

    1. I actually would have loved a tie. LOL! Sometimes I feel guilty winning so much. Ha! Ha! Though both my hubby and Kelsey have won in the past so.....

  2. It's been interesting to see how your kids' houses have progressed over the years. The first years it was fairly easy to tell which ones had been done by kids and which ones by grown-ups... Not so easy anymore!!


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