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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A December Recap!

Since I didn’t have time to blog about these things while they were happening, I thought I would just do a “quick” little recap with pictures.

So let’s look back at some of the fun things that happened in December.

My bestest and I did some Christmas shopping together. Always a fun time.

me weirdkathy weird

I made cookies and goodies with these beautiful ladies.


I ate WAY to many sweets.  These peanut butter balls were by far my favorite.


We had our annual Christmas party, which was a blast.


We threw the family in the car and set out on our annual Christmas light scavenger hunt. It was so much fun.

familyChristmas lights 

We took our annual Christmas pictures. Here’s just a few out of WAY too many.



We managed to squeeze in a bonfire on one of the few chilly nights.


We destroyed our gingerbread houses. This year it was using a bow and arrows. We all did pretty good, but my hubby rocks at it. His is the second one.

archery gingerbread  hubby's house   

I made Christmas dinner for my family and my Aunt and cousin were able to join us too.   table setting

I love this picture I took of our Christmas tree and fireplace. It just looked so cozy. We haven’t had a fire since. It could be because it has been in the mid 80’s here. But who’s complaining. Not me!

 tree and fire

Then Christmas day was upon us and we had a marvelous time. God is good!

Christmas morn

We definitely made out with some Patriots gear this year. Like I said. I totally sucked them into my football world. Hee! Hee!

pats stuff

my mug

A relaxing sunset with friends was definitely in order by the time the end of the month came.

sunsetWell I think that just about sums up December. Now onward to January.




  1. So much awesomeness in December, my friend! I was wondering if some of these things were happening or not because I'm used to seeing all about them on your blog. Glad to see that you were busy completely enjoying December. Happy New Year to all and much love and big hugs!

  2. Your Christmas season looks very joyful.

  3. Love the pictures with the glasses!

    And your family pics? Look like so much fun!

    Love the tree and fireplace pic, it does look so peaceful and warm and cozy. :)

    I need to finish up my December pics...

  4. Looks like y'all had a great December! I loved the arrows through the gingerbread houses!

    Happy New Year! (and can you blow some of that warm weather over to Texas?)

  5. You guys clearly have some rockin' traditions! Loved your Dec recap :) Hope you all have a wonderful New year!

  6. Wow! I'm a little late on this one. Ugh. Sorry about that.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! And your family photos are always fun to see!!

    Happy VERY LATE New Year!! Ha ha!


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