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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Soapbox Time- Deflategate!

When my Patriots won the AFC Championship game, I was one of the happiest fans on the planet. Then early the next morning you here about what is now called Deflategate. What the heck?

Deflategate has quickly taken the wind out of my sails. What should have been a fun happy time of planning a super bowl party has now dwindled down to a disturbing mess.

I don’t like cheaters. And if you cheat you should be punished. The end. Pay your debt and move on. I’m not particularly proud of some of the Patriots past moves but I believe they paid their price and continue to pay for it today.

In my opinion you’d be hard pressed to find a team that doesn’t cheat. Seriously, good luck with that.

I love the game of football but I hate what it’s become. Did the Patriots cheat? I don’t know. The fact is, without even being presented all the evidence people are quick to judge and point fingers as to their guiltiness and it’s just irritating. If they are found guilty I will be very upset and sad to hear it. I also believe that they should be punished.

I believe if this was happening to any other team it would have been a non issue but because it’s happening to a team proven to win and be well coached, that it’s come under such scrutiny.

One thing I love about a lot of football teams is their outreach to the community. I’m sure there is some obligation that comes with just being a part of that team but so many players do it with such good intentions and really takes it to heart. Why can’t we talk about that?

Why can’t we talk about all the jackets that were given to the homeless. Or the joy that comes on a terminally ill child’s face when their favorite player shows up to visit with them? What about all the money raised by individual players for different organizations that they are passionate about? Is there good in football? Yes. And that’s one thing I love about it. But this dark side makes it hard to be a fan these days.

I will now get off my soapbox and hope that this comes to a conclusion very soon.

Thanks for listening. *smile*


  1. No one is perfect. There will always be cheaters in this world. It's a part of life. Yes, many of them do very good things but some of them do very bad things like hit their wives. It's very sad but we live in a fallen world.

    1. You are so right Lori. I think we have a tendency to put these people on a pedestal but they are still just people who make mistakes. It's just that their mistakes get put on national tv to be ripped apart and judged by everyone. *sigh* It's sad.

  2. It is a confusing time for football fans. We don't know for sure if the deflation was deliberate, and if so, we don't know who did it. I am a Green Bay Packers fan, and was disappointed we did not make it to the Super Bowl. My cousin is 91 and in the 10 finalists to be chosen for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame, very exciting.

  3. Aw, I forgot you were a Patriots fan. I only guess at your disappointment. It is sad to see that kind of thing go on just like it was (still is) sad to hear when someone intentionally hurts another, possibly ending their career, for the sake of winning. Unfortunately, winning brings out the worst in some. I do hope they get to the bottom of it though. If it wasn't the top two, then someone went to a low to either make them look guilty or really, really thought they could help them win.


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