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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Calling All Coffee Lovers!

IMG_7274 Those of you who have been to my blog over the years know that I love me some coffee. But when I first started drinking coffee it was all about the sugar and cream and caramel and chocolate sauce and whatever else I could get them to put in it. Well once I figured out that wasn’t the best thing for me (darn it) I resorted to only putting half and half in my coffee. You know what I found? Not all coffees are created equal. Shocker, I know! In fact, some coffees taste down right gnarly. Like, totally grody! Like for sure.

So over the years I’ve tried many many different coffees. I’ve tried those in coffee shops, in the bags, in the cans, you name it. But who I am going to tell you about today beats them all, hands down.

Let me introduce you to Penguin Yell Coffee. We’ll get to the name in a minute. First let me tell you a few reasons why I love it. And allow me to use bullets as to seem smarter and more organized. Cause life is all about perception right? *smile*

  • It’s organic. It’s just better for you. And by better for you I mean if you’re going to drink it this makes it less bad for you. And by bad I mean it’s not bad unless you’re drinking a pot or two a day or if you’re doctor told you not to and you still do. So, yeah. moving on.
  • It’s fresh roasted weekly. That’s right people you get as fresh a coffee as you can get without having to roast it yourself. And yes it does make all the difference in the world.
  • It’s smooth tasting. I haven’t gotten that bitter taste that I get from some coffees.
  • And the best reason of all, they are friends of ours and we love supporting families trying to live a more self sufficient life.


Intrigued? You should be. So what about that name? Penguin Yell. Here’s an excerpt from their website explaining how the name came about.

“The name wasn't solidified until 2013. My children suggested the name Penguin Yell and won me over with the meaning. My son, on an expedition to Patagonia, encountered a colony of Magellanic penguins. As he approached, all scattered except one. This brave penguin let out a cry and stood in defense of his lifelong mate as she lay nesting. My daughter added, "Daddy, penguins don't fly. They stand their ground." This little flightless bird displayed his qualities: faithfulness, courage, and grit. This story convinced me of the Penguin Yell. We hope you're inspired by these high ideals as you enjoy a cup of Penguin Yell Coffee. It is our privilege to offer you premium coffees, roasted on our Ozark Mountain farm.”

So what do you think? You ready to give it a try? You can visit their website at Penguin Yell and stay in touch and up to date with their goings ons on their FB page.

And no I’m not getting anything in return for my opinion I just love em’ and their coffee and so it would just be wrong not to share. :-)




  1. What a nice story behind the name of Penguin Yell. I drink organic coffee too, it is a way of helping songbirds in the area where coffee is grown. I put only a splash of milk in, in your style. No sugar or caramel or whatever. Yum, I do enjoy coffee and that brand sounds superb.

  2. This sounds yummy! I need to buy some and need to stop all of that sugar and cream nonsense too :)


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