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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Uncle Wiggly

Raise your hand if you grew up playing the Uncle Wiggly game.

Uncle Wiggly2

When I was a kid I loved playing this game. This and Parcheesi were the two games my grandmother had under her secretaries desk in the living room and I would play them all summer while I was there.

I remember the original version had hard plastic Uncle Wiggly pieces and every time I would make my way around the board I would make believe that I was visiting with each character as I passed by. You know like the Cluck Cluck Chicken House and Bushytail Squirrel. I would try to move past the Bad Pipsisewah very quickly because he was kind a weird. Winking smile

Uncle Wiggly3

I literally hadn’t played this game since I was a kid, so imagine my surprise when I saw this lying in the back of a friend’s SUV. You see a friend from church came to pick something up at our house and while I was putting it in the back of his SUV I saw this under a stack of blankets. Needless to say I went a little nuts. Okay, a lot a nuts.

We then started to reminisce and I asked if I could open it and look at it and caress it and hug it and kiss it. Okay I didn’t ask to do all that but I might as well have. He must have known I needed him to let me borrow it by the way I was holding onto it and slowly walking away. Smile with tongue out Besides he said he had another one at home that he plays with his grandkids. Yes!

Uncle Wiggly

I know it says ages 4 to 8 and my kids are past that age and I’m a little past that age, but by golly they were going to play with me that night. Oh yes, they will play. And play we did. And boy did we have fun. I love the rhyming cards. They are so fun to read. After the first game we started making up our own rhymes and had each other cracking up. I love my boys!


Sadly my hubby had never even heard of the Uncle Wiggly game. So on his next day off it’s go time. I need him to experience these things. He needs to experience these things. I’m actually not sure how he’s made it through life thus far. Just sayin’.

I’m just thankful that I get to introduce these little things to my family. Pieces of my childhood that made me happy.

What was one of your favorite games growing up. Do tell.





  1. Love it! I so enjoy playing board games with my grandchildren. Now I know what I'm going to get for the next birthday coming up - this game and the Uncle Wiggily Story Book. You asked what I liked to play as a child. Scrabble because mom would play that with me :) also Solitaire and War with a plain deck of playing cards.

  2. I don't remember seeing that one. I played go fishing card game and checkers with my Grandma! I enjoy those with my grandchildren now!

  3. I don't remember seeing that one. I played go fishing card game and checkers with my Grandma! I enjoy those with my grandchildren now!

  4. I don't remember this one, but my favorites were: Trouble, Sorry, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Aggravation and card games. We played something every single day.


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