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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Easy Peasy Place Cards

Boy, time has a way of getting away from you. Or me rather. You and time might get along great. I on the other hand seem to have constant conflict with Mr. Time!

I planned on getting this post up last week. But the good news is, they aren’t hard to make and take no time at all.

First of all let me tell you why I like to use place cards. If you are going to be having a sit down dinner for more than a couple people outside of your own family, I like to make sure everyone knows where to sit. I think it makes them feel secure knowing exactly where they will be. Plus you have complete control over who sits by who. (If you’re a bit of a control freak like me, this makes you happy. VERY happy!)  For instance, if you know cousin Eddie doesn’t get along with Aunt Margaret, then you sit them as far away from each other as possible. Keep the peace. If you want. If you don’t want, then by all means sit them by each other and let them entertain the other guests. Smile

I’ve done my place cards a little different each year but I always keep them simple.
This year we will be having around 18 people. Usually we have around 8 so I had to step up my game a little.

So here we go!

First gather all your supplies.

You’ll need:

Paper cutter (or scissors if you don’t have one)

White Cardstock

Stickers and other embellishments

Fall printed scrapbook paper



First cut your cardstock into 2 strips about 3 1/2 inches wide, long ways. Then cut your strips about 4 inches. This is just a guideline. You can make them as big or as small as you want. They should be about 3 1/2 x 4 in.

Fold them in half. Take your printed paper and use those fancy cuttin’ scissors if you have them and cut a rectangle just a bit smaller than the front of your card. Glue it to the front.


Now you can either, cheat and print all the names out or you can hand write them. Either way is fine. My way is just quicker. Smile


Once you glue your names on the front you can embellish them with whatever you have. Or you can just leave them be and they are still cute. I had some stickers left over from last year and I had bought the cute burlap flowers and scarecrows at Hobby Lobby.


And that’s it my peeps. The hardest part is deciding where to put people because I want to sit by everyone. Ha!

Tell me, do you do place cards?



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  1. We usually don't use placecards since the table isn't large enough for everyone and the couch and living room chairs have to be utilized too. I love the ones you've shared here and it makes me want to create some myself! Guess I could place the cards on said couch and chairs to assign seating there too. :))


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