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Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017

It’s been too long and I realize, I “need” to blog even if no one is reading. So I figured I’d start off with our most recent holiday.

Now that my daughter is married and gone I am home with my 3 boys. Two of them I gave birth to, the other I married. But one thing I love about it is that as mom’s we are always our boys first valentine. This is training ground for when they grow up and have spouses of their own.

My youngest, who’s 11, really put a lot of effort into making my Valentine’s day special. When I got up to have my coffee and quiet time I was greeted with this.


He hung hearts from the lamp that I use in the morning (because it’s still dark), made me a beautiful card and a precious hand painted sign (that I already put away and forgot to take a picture of.) It was all sitting there waiting to greet me first thing. Because he knows:

This is momma’s spot in the morning. If you want to find me, I’ll be right here……in this spot. My spot. Smile


I also received beautiful cards from my man and my older son. They made me feel very special too.

As for me, I show my love through food. And balloons apparently.

I made them a yummy dinner and an even yummier dessert.



Even though they’re boys I still like to set the table nice and make it special.


Do you see the goblets we are using? Those are from the Pioneer Woman’s line of stuff. I got 4 red ones for Christmas and then after Christmas I went back and they had the white ones 75% off. SCORE!!

Anyhoo, I love them. They are so nice and sturdy and pretty and fun and they hold water real nice too. Winking smile

Well that about wraps up Valentine’s Day 2017.

What did you do? Anything special?

Have a lovely day my friends.



  1. What a sweet boy your youngest is! I love that you made a nice table for dinner "even though they're boys". Now, when they have homes of their own they will appreciate what their own wives do to make their house a home and to celebrate holidays. I'm suspecting your man is a good example for them in this regard too.

  2. How amazing. What a sweet boy! You are blessed. ☺


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