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Monday, May 7, 2018

4 Down, 8 to Go!

I finished two more books and have loved them all so far. I wrote about the first two HERE if you’d like to check out my thoughts on those.

The next two I read are these.

Book Mag and Duck

Both of them so good!

Book Mag

I loved the Magnolia Story. It was so inspiring and it totally gave you an insight of how Chip and Joanna got their start. Chip had me shaking my head numerous times and laughing numerous others. If you like Chip and Joanna and Fixer Upper and all that they have accomplished you’ll love getting to know how it all began. Such a good read!

Book Duck

This one really gives you an up close and personally account of Jep and Jessica’s lives growing up, to present time. We can have the tendency to think that they had it easy because we only knew what we saw on the show. But they had struggles just let we all do. It was very relatable in many ways. Jessica and my life had a lot of parallels. If you liked the Duck Dynasty show and learning more about their lives then you’ll love this.

Let me know what you’re enjoying right now. I always love good recommendations.



P.S. I’m not getting paid to do this, I just like sharing my thoughts in hopes that someone might enjoy them. Also I purchase my books at Christianbook.com. They seem to have the best prices and you can usually find a free shipping code.

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  1. Both of these books are on my "to be read" lists.


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