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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Funnies

Oh man I'm a little behind today!!! I was out shopping this morning. But I just got back and I'm throwing this together really quick. Let's spread some funny!!!!

The Baptist Dog
Baptist preacher and his wife decided to get a new dog. Ever mindful of the congregation, they knew the dog must also be a Baptist.
They visited kennel after kennel and explained their needs. Finally, they found a kennel whose owner assured them he had just the dog they wanted.
The owner brought the dog to meet the pastor and his wife. "Fetch the Bible," he commanded.
The dog bounded to the bookshelf, scrutinized the books, located the Bible, and brought it to the owner.
"Now find Psalm 23," he commanded.
The dog dropped the Bible to the floor, and showing marvelous
dexterity with his paws, leafed through and finding the correct passage, pointed to it with his paw.
The pastor and his wife were very impressed and purchased the dog.
That evening, a group of church members came to visit. The pastor and his wife began to show off the dog, having him locate several Bible verses. The visitors were very impressed. One man asked, "Can he do regular dog tricks, too?"
"I haven't tried yet," the pastor replied.
He pointed his finger at the dog. "HEEL!" the pastor commanded. The dog immediately jumped on a chair, placed one paw on the pastor's forehead and began to howl.
The pastor looked at his wife in shock and said, "Good Lord! He's



  1. Hee hee, that's funny! :) Hope you got some good stuff this mornin' my friend. We were up at 3:15!!! Cris is nappin' and I need one, LOL.

  2. This is my first Friday Funnies. I hope I followed the rules! Thanks for letting me play along :)

  3. Thanks for the chuckles!! Being a Baptist married to a former Pentecostal turned Baptist...I can 'testify' to the truth behind the joke. Makes me laugh at how seriously we sometimes take our labels over the door.

  4. Oh, that's hilarious! I think this meme is so cute! I'm going to do it..finally! LOL

  5. Very funny!!

    I love the new blog look. I am still in "fall" mode and won't be changing my blog until next week...and I won't be decorating my house until next week either. That's because my son's birthday is tomorrow, and he has always felt like he doesn't have a birthday, being sandwiched so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. His request in recent years has been that we decorate after his birthday, so we do it the first weekend of December. I used to like to take everything down the day after Christmas, but I am thinking about doing something different this year. I have a holiday book that I bought after Christmas last year. They talk about celebrating the 12 days of Christmas from December 26th until January 6th, Ephiphany. I might do that, and if I do, that will be nice, because I'll still get to enjoy the decorations for a month.

    Hope you're enjoying your parents' visit.


  6. That's a good one...and I'm Pentecostal!

  7. Kim,

    I love it! How funny! Thanks for linking me up. Yesterday turned out great....Yay!

    Hugs to you, sweet one!

  8. Oh, what a HOWL! LOL! I needed that laugh today. After about 5 hours' sleep and spending too long at the car dealer, I had planned on doing a little shopping, but it was pouring. I actually sat in Target's parking lot for about 30 minutes or so, then gave up. I did run into our local WM and halfway thru, realized I hadn't eaten nearly enough all day, so opened a box of Cheerios and munched while I shopped. (DS would have been moritified!) Now I'm running on fumes, just hoping I can stay awake till bedtime. 8-}

    Love your new Christmasy look! I'd love to find some wrapping paper like the background.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  9. Oh I love that one!!! I was at at four getting ready to go, even though it seems so materialistic I do enjoy going out and finding the bargin. I think I did pretty good today. My step daughter went with me and we had a really good time!
    Hope your hunt was as successful!

  10. ROFL! Very cute!!!

    I didn't brave the crowds today (haven't in years) - how bad was it? We went on a couple of field trips instead.

  11. I am sorry, I was in the wrong postings yesterday. I hope you could have a great day!

  12. Oh that is too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  13. Very funny!

    Your blog looks so pretty! When are you going to redo mine for me??

  14. Lol!! being Baptist, this is funny!! LOL, I realy needed a laugh. Thanks1 Amy Jo


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