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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beware! It's Contagious!

Most of you have now read my post about our tree decorating experience correct? So most of you remember this!
Well the other day I went to take care of my OCD and I saw this?
I was like who did this? My daughter,(who had been sleeping out by the tree every night since the "incident", because my parents were sleeping in her room until we finished the cottage which we did and now she's back in her room) said she couldn't stand it any longer! She would lay there staring at it and finally had to take care of this little "situation".
Hi my name is Kim and I've given my daughter seasonal OCD!
It gives me great relief though to know that Donna will be sleeping better tonight LOL! I expected her to fly down from TN and rearrange it herself if I didn't do it really soon!

Speaking of kids. I found this in the freezer this morning!I was trying to figure out the purpose of this. The frozen torture chamber! Talk you cube! TALK! I know from experience that these things can drive you nuts and I don't think I need any help in that area right now! Hmmm......... I all of a sudden have the urge to peel all the stickers off this thing and fix it!
Did anyone find me a helpline yet?
Big hugs to you people that put up with me!

Oh yeah. Don't forget about Friday Funnies tomorrow! Let's make it a Christmas funny!
If you don't have one that is Christmas related don't let that stop you! Let's just have fun with it!!!


  1. Oh, the relief of it all! Now I can cancel those plane tickets and quit hyperventilating! Bless your daughter's heart for FINALLY fixing the tree ornaments! Tell her I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! (She would make a fine engineer, BTW.) LOL!

    And WHAT is that cube doing in the freezer? Does it want to be an "ice" cube when it grows up? The disorder of off those colors have always bothered me. Those contraptions are not allowed in my house, LOL!

  2. the third picture really make me laugh. How could it happen? hahaha

  3. Kimmy,

    Ok, I'm looking up the helpline...I can't have you passing it down to the next generation! lol

    And did the cube 'fess up yet? I was a pretty good interrogator back in the day! lol

    Do we really need Friday Funnies after this post? lol

    Happy Thursday my sweet friend...7 days!

  4. Ha ha. Yep I just couldn't stand it any longer! LOL!
    I love you Momther!!!

  5. Hello sweet sister,

    Well, I just wanted to let you know that I called 911 to get you some help, but they said something about this not being an emergency...some people! :-)

    Seriously, I think it's sweet that your daughter did that. Trust me, when we see any traits of ours passed down to our kiddos, it just really gives us more grace and compassion when we need to discipline them....I know (and for me, it's more confession, then grace and compassion). I still discipline my kiddos, but I first confess, I understand their struggle. :-)

    Love you precious sister,

  6. LOL... I find my kids cars, star wars figures in the freezer all the time!! SO glad the tree got fixed!! I was starting to worry!!

  7. Ahhh, the laughter! I wouldn't have been able to leave those ornaments alone at ALL. My tree is bothering me because the ribbon isn't equally spaced. I may have to redo it....

  8. LOL!! I can totally relate, my oldest daughter kept telling her siblings, "Don't put them too close together!!!"

  9. It's Friday Funnies nearly all the time on your blog!! How funny is that about your sweet daughter. She's even more like you than you knew.


  10. They have drugs for stuff like that:-)

  11. It's an 'ice cube'! Makes sense to me!

  12. I love that your daughter fixed that! But it makes me wonder what else you may have passed on to her...LOL!

    WHY is the cube in the freezer? Please, you have to find out because I must know!

    Sunny hugs from me! :)

  13. Your poor daughter, to have such an infliction passed down to her...
    it is NOT her fault, I hope she realizes that. Maybe by the time she is an adult there will be medicine to control it!!! I just feel so bad for her.

    A rubic cube in the freezer, now THAT I am a little concerned about! IT can become the torture chamber, like throw it in the bed under the covers when someone won't get up!!! How about them apples? That would wake you up!


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