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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All About Me Week Day 3

Wow, we're already on day 3. Only 4 more days until my birthday. Ugh! LOL.
If you missed the last two days you can find day one here and day two here.

Today I'm going to answer some fun questions that Lisa didn't think I would post and answer! But she should know me by now that if you ask it, I will most definitely answer.

Here are her questions.
Why do you insist on living on the complete opposite coast from me?
Well this is a complicated answer, but the fact of the matter is, we did try to move about a year ago, but God kept us here for many different reasons. SO with that said you're going to have to go to the Big Guy with that one! LOL

Why are you so afraid of canning?
This is our big joke. I was telling her how I thought that my blog name was misrepresenting because I don't can or live on 40 acres somewhere and have a huge garden. I do sew a little and bake from scratch and try to eat healthy and use herbs and all that kind of thing, but that's not what this blog ended up being about. My blog ended up being more on the lighter side. See I have this uncontrollable urge to make people laugh. I can't help it. I even do it during a gym class! So that's what this blog ended up being about. But besides that, the fact of the matter is, we can't get enough from our small little garden to can and even if we did, I'd be afraid of doing it wrong and killing everyone in my family with botulism! LOL.
I thought this picture was appropriate to put between these two questions. 1. I'm in the kitchen and therefor can fake the whole "Homesteader" thing and 2. My apron, if you can't read it says, "I want Chocolate and I want it now!"

Are you still hiding chocolate in your bathroom?
I can say with a clear conscious, NO! (At least not at this time!) That stash is now gone. Shhh!

What are the last 3 movies you have watched?
We watched Up! , Horton Hears a Who and I think The Santa Clause 3

What is your favorite feature (of yourself - e.g. eyes, hair, legs, etc)?
Ugh! Really? You want to know this? Okay. Well it used to be my legs. I have very long legs BUT after I got pregnant with my first child, I got this really ugly varicose vein that runs down my left leg. It could have been the 65 lbs. I gained. *sigh* If I'd only known. I also have nice thick hair that, minus the grays coming out, looks nice. *Beep* Beep* Back the Vanity truck up, I want to get off!

Have you always been a healthy cook and was it hard to make changes?
Oh my! When I first got married if it didn't come from a box, we didn't eat. BUT then one day I looked at the ingredients on the boxes and about died. I whipped out my Better Crocker Cookbook that my Mom had given me as a wedding present, dusted it off and started looking toward eating healthier. Since then I've learned a lot! Cooking from scratch and NOT using a microwave has become my way of cooking now.

Did you stick it out? Are you tired of me yet? LOL.
One of the questions is about my testimony and how I came to Christ. I'll try to nut shell that one on Sunday.
Come back tomorrow for more questions answered. And still feel free to ask more!


  1. I love that the last 3 movies were kid movies:-)

  2. I enjoy learning more about you. It's great that you make your foods from scratch.

  3. Should the question about chocolate be re-phrased? Are you hiding chocolate anywhere in your entire house right now? :)

  4. beep beep back up the vanity truck :)
    LOL ~ GOOD ONE but you don't need to worry you look GREAT!!! It must be all the Florida sunshine or really... it's just the Lord in you!!

    and oh ya.....so relieved to know the homesteader in you is NOT this canning queen but just funny little you *wink wink*

    love ya!

  5. Good for you for cooking from scratch and not using a microwave. Those two things are really important! BTW, I love chocolate, too. The older I get, the darker I like it.

  6. Oh my friend - it's all about you, but the questions are all from me, so I feel a part of your post today - LOL!!

    Thank you for answering ALL of my questions!! I feel so much better now knowing the answers.

    I'll have to answer questions one of these days, but I'm not sure anyone really cares (except YOU of course!!)! :)

    Have a lovely day my friend! I'll try to eat some chocolate for you today.

    Big your-varicose-vein-cannot-compare-to-my-spider-veins-that-actually-look-like-a-tattoo-of-a-spider-just-ask-my-son hugs to you!!! :)

  7. What fun to get to know you better! I love that you like to fish! The boys and I did a lot of that at my parent's pond over vacation. There's something so relaxing about it...at least until a fish swallows a hook!!

  8. I love the three movies you picked and need to have your apron. I am completely and utterly addicted to chocolate.

    It is a must have in my house. Chaos ensues when I find out we are all out.

    Thanks for sharing just a touch more of what makes you YOU!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. That was great! I love the photo. I need an apron like that too. LOL

  10. OK, I know I deserve 50 lashes with a wet noodle for being so bloggie-lazy lately. But I HAVE been reading. It's amazing how much we have in common. Those little things like... my nickname about the first half of my life was 'Legs'. And my long hair used to be really thick, til menopause (which I entered pretty early) thinned it out by about half. *sigh* And we home churched for a short time til I got tired of having to cattle prod Duller to get'r done. And I have the same canning fears.

    OTOH, I am NOT a morning person. I've tried, really I have, but it just ain't gonna happen. And I only wish I had the sticktoitiveness you have. I'm working on that, though, and have hope yet. 8-]

    Love ya tons, birthday gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. What's wrong with using microwaves?!


  12. You know what I love...that you are watching a Santa movie in July! I love it...that must be a funny one cuz I have not seen it!!!

    And you know that you have chocolate in the bathroom..I saw you!!! LOL.

    Great Post and I love your birthday week idea!

  13. Love the apron. :D Need me one of those. LOL!

    Yes, where are you hiding the chocolate? :D

  14. The food one takes time doesn't it?? I've come along ways, but I'm still learning. Reading these posts have been great-love learning more about YOU!:)

  15. Oh Kim, I'm really enjoying this. I love getting to know you better. And the more I know, the more I really really like you, girl.

  16. You crack me up! This post reminded me of a co-worker who admitted to hiding fresh-baked brownies and cupcakes underneath her bathroom counter so her family wouldn't eat them all before she could take them to parties, etc. She hid them by the cleaning products knowing that none of her teens or hubby would look in there. Funny.... kinda yucky... but funny.

  17. I feel your pain in so many ways - the vericose veins and all, but you have to stop being afraid of canning. You would love it. If we don't grow enough to can I get its from the farmers market. I was afraid of that too. I would always eat the green beans before I fed them to the kids to make sure they didn't die but I have been doing it for 3 years and so far we are all still alive.


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