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Thursday, July 16, 2009

All About Me Week Day 4

Okay in light of yesterdays post, I need to clarify that it is NOW 4 days until my birthday. I said that yesterday but I obviously didn't know what day it was. Does anyone else have that problem? Oy! Feel free to check out Day One, Day Two and Day Three of All About Me Week, if you happen to have missed it.

Now on to the questions for the day. The first one is.

Has my husband always been the strong head of the family and spiritual leader of our home?
Okay, I'm going to have to say without a doubt, Yes! Mind if I brag on my husband a little? This man actually went to marriage conferences and listened to marriage tapes, years before we met. Yeah, I know! When we got married he stepped right into as the head of our home. He knew his place and I knew mine. And with that we have so much harmony in our marriage. I know I can trust him with all things. He holds my heart and my trust like I've never given over to anyone else. He has proven himself so worthy. He has always taken the spiritual role as well. When we were home churching, I called him Pastor Brad as he was so in the word all week and then would bring it to us on a regular basis. My husband also has a passion for Dad's and Husband's to step up and take their God given roll as head of their house. He has even started writing a book. I encouraged him to start as he's gained so much wisdom over the years. He truly is the best husband and Daddy to our children, in the world and I am so grateful for him. I don't deserve him and having been married before, I certainly don't take him for granted.

Okay enough about him, let's talk more about ME! LOL How far from St. Augustine am I?
I think we live about 2 1/2 hours South of St. Augustine. We love it up there and plan on doing an RV trip up there real soon.

What would be my perfect day?
Oh my, this is a tough one. Let's see a perfect day would consist of me getting up in the morning and a giant breakfast waiting for me on the table. Next my lovely daughter would give me one of her wonderful pedicures. My sons wouldn't argue or fight all day, my husband would come home with a bag full of Reese's Peanut Butter cups and flowers. I could then eat the whole bag of Reese's and not gain one pound. I would be able to finish at least one thing that I started. Complete at least one whole thought. And someone from Starbucks would show up at my door with a Mocha Frappucino, at no charge. At the end of the day, all will be well in MY land and I would drift off in sweet slumber! I'd say that's a pretty good day! Hee! Hee!

That's it for today. Tomorrow I am revealing my most embarrassing moment. Do you have one that you can share for your Friday Funny? I hope so. I think it will be fun.
Love you all!


  1. Praise God for your husband leading your home. What a blessing to hear!

    Love your perfect day! :D

    I'm going to have to think about the most embarassing moment...

  2. Hmmmm....I like the part about not gaining any weight while eating a whole bag of reeces. :) hee hee...
    Um,...me? Have an embarrassing moment to share? Gee, I don't know Kim...I mean, I NEVER do anything ridiculous, or embarrassing or slightly "blonde" (if you will)...hmmmm,...geee.....I'm gonna have to really dig for that one...KIDDING!

  3. Your husband sounds wonderful and the Lord made him just for YOU, isn't that awesome!!! I, too, have been married before and never would have dreamed I would be given such a gift and such a godly man after all that but God is faithful!!

    Thankyou for answering my questions...if you come up there we will have to meet if I am still there okiedokie :)
    I will have reeses and a starbucks IN HAND!!


  4. Nice to meet your husband:-)

  5. Super fast comment as we are heading out the door without the laptop til tomorrow night.

    Love everything about your hubby!! And that is such a great perfect day - I think I would be the one showing up with the mocha frapp for you, but I would also bring more chocolate! :)

    Big perfect-days-must-include-chocolate hugs to you!! :)

  6. I love your love for your hubby. The words-he holds my heart gave me goose-bumps and now I have tears-can we say hormones?!!!:) That is special indeed! Our family wants to do a St. Augustine trip soon too:)

  7. What a great guy you have there. He is a blessing. Your perfect day was a great read!

  8. Your hubby is a jewel. I love your perfect day.

    I love that I too could eat lot's of chocolate and not gain one pound. Now I have some extra weight but not from this.

  9. Great way to honor your husband! It's also a great example for other wives on what it means to honor our husbands.

    We want to purchase a book, so keep us posted!!! Oh, can we get it autographed? :)


  10. I love it! You have such a sanguine personality and that's a good think. Love it.

    Your hubby sounds like a real keeper. In this day and age, there are too few men like that. I hear women all the time saying that they wished their husbands would be the spiritual head of their family. Since I go to church alone, I pray that one day my husband would also share my faith and go with me to church. Each day he seems closer so I keep praying and for now allowing the fruit of the Spirit to woo (is this a word?) him to the Lord.

  11. You two seem so awesome!!! I'm very lucky to be married to a man who goes to church and Sunday School classes without making a fuss.

    I hope you end up having a great birthday!

  12. I too am an avid fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They are kinda like Lay's Potato Chips, you can't just eat one.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. That would be my perfect day to...right down to the reese's. You are so me:)


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