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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All About Me Week Day 6

Phew! This is harder then I thought. Constantly talking about myself day in and day out.
I can tell you that I've had a really fun "Birthday Week" thus far. I went out to lunch with some of my girlfriends on Thursday.

Me being silly! No really!I got two lovely cards from my parents today. They send me two because one is a serious mushy one and the other is a funny one. I love my folks. Included were some old pictures of when I was a kid and an old family photo. Oh yea, and money! Hee! Hee! You're never too old to get a little sunthin' sunthin' from your parents! LOL!!!
Tomorrow we are all going to our friend Debra and Jay's house to go out on the lake and have some fun. Our friends Kathy and Mike will be going as well. So that's get together number 2.

And THEN on my actual birthday we are going to Kathy and Mike's to celebrate for REAL! Not that the other celebrations weren't real to me but this will actually for goodness sake, be my birthday. I feel like it's been a long week and it's finally here. I'm not sure what she's making me for dinner but it really doesn't matter (yes it does) as long as dessert consists of a peanut butter and chocolate combination.

I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of the next two events!
On Monday (my actual birthday) come by because it's going to be a very special post that I wanted to share with you.

Okay, I'll keep this short and sweet today as I've tortured you all week with my long posts!
Big Hugs my sweet friends and thank you so much for your wonderful comments this week.


  1. The inclusion of the family photo was a great idea from your parents.


  2. Oh wow - I'm gonna have to get a closer look at that photo...I TOTALLY see your littlest man in your face there.
    On another note...it will be hard for you to post on your next 2 events on Monday because event #2 will be happening on Monday, so your readers are just going to HAVE to hear about you once again on Tuesday!!! :)
    I love you Kim!

  3. I wish I could join you guys on the lake; sounds like fun! I haven't gone water skiing in ages. I've enjoyed reading all about you this week. But I think I missed Friday. I'll have to go back and check. I don't want to miss a thing.

  4. Enjoyed popping in to your blog and reading. Happy Birthday :-)

  5. I can't wait to see the "real" birthday pics! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  6. what a great family pic! hope you have a wonderful time at the lake and so happy you are able to celebrate numerous times!! Birthdays are soo much fun and so are you :)

    love you my friend!

  7. SO much fun my friend! How are you gonna top all this next year - when you turn - ahem - a year older?? :)

    Wish I was there to join in the fun, but at least I get to hear all about it and see the pics!

    Big party-all-the-time hugs to you! :)

  8. The day is almost here. Yea! I can't wait for your birthday either:) I wonder why? LOL
    I will be celebrating too:)
    Have fun with Debra tomorrow. Wish I was tagging along too.


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