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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Funnies- Most Embarrassing Moment!

Alright! I'm going to do it. In order to keep this week going all about me and it still be Friday Funnies, I'm going to reveal my most embarrassing moment to you. If you have a moment as well, PLEASE link it up to Mr. Linky down below.

*Deep Breath* Okay! I was in 11th grade and it was 3rd period Ag class. Ag was short for Agriculture class. This class consisted of students from all grades 9th - 12th. Now you know that by the time you get to 11th and 12th grade you've earned your place and respect from your peers. That was all about to change for me.
For whatever reason our teacher (who was also a baseball coach) decided that we needed some fresh air and so we all went on a walk around the perimeter of the school. It had rained earlier that morning and the ground was still pretty wet and their were some mud puddles scattered about. The class was spread out a bit and I was somewhere in the middle of it. The first half of the class were making their way back to the classroom and to get their you had to step up onto a board and jump over this mud puddle that was between you and the class room. Yeah, you know what's coming don't you? Should I even finish? So I watch the girl in front of me do it with ease and being the sporty, coordinated kind of gal that I am I knew that it was going to be a piece of cake. Little did I know that my shoe lace was going to get caught on a nail and I was going to end up face first in the mud puddle. Yup! I had mud down my pants, down my shirt, in my hair and all over my face. My coach turned around to see what EVERYBODY behind me was laughing at and and he calmly looked at me and with the motion of his hands, he said "SAFE!". I thought I was going to die. By this time everyone that was in front of me was now laughing at me as well. I slowly and calmly got up, dusted myself off and asked to be excused to go home and get cleaned up. I went home, took a shower, ate lunch and took my ol' sweet time getting back to school.
Needless to say I got a lot of comments in my yearbook that year! They never let me live it down. The good thing was, everybody liked me so it wasn't done in a mean way.
So there you have it. Did you get the visual? Could you see me laying there all muddy with about 25 kids laughing at me? To this day I can't look at a mud puddle the same! LOL.

What have you got? Spill it if you can! I need to know that I'm not the only one that these kind of things happen too.

And just for your visual enjoyment, I thought I would put a picture of me in high school here for ya . Yeah, I'm the one wearing the Ron Jon Shirt and thinking I was way cooler then I actually was! LOL. Oh how little I knew!
Happy Friday my sweet friends!
Oh and here's Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four in case you missed up. Grab yourself a cup of coffee read all about me LOL.


  1. Thats funny, Things like that stick in your memory for life. I am glad you survived. For me I was picked on a bit.

  2. A mud facial with all of your friends....oiy! I've had several "graceful" moments too. I'm thankful that you could laugh about it too. Did I ever tell you about the time my panythose (this was several years ago, who wears those anymore?) fell to my ankles as I was leaving the grocery store? Fun times! Thanks for your sweet comment early this morning and for your prayers...and happy almost birthday!

  3. Good grief Kim...that sounds like something I would do. Thanks for sharing. I had a little laugh at your expense. Hope you are ok with it now. LOL:)
    Hugs and Happy Birthday on Monday my friend!
    It is a great day to be born *wink,wink*

  4. Oh that is too funny! But I am definitely not laughing at you. I am laughing with you because I could see myself doing the same thing. It's so good to be graceful ;)

    Happy Friday!

  5. I'm glad you were able to turn this embarassing situation around and make us all laugh. At least it didn't destroy you! That's a tender age!

    Happy birthday!

  6. I'm glad you were able to turn this embarassing situation around and make us all laugh. At least it didn't destroy you! That's a tender age!

    Happy birthday!

  7. LOL! I think my most embarassing moment would be quite similar to yours. Thanks for making me feel not so embarassed. :D

  8. "SAFE!" oh my I could definitely see it. Gross!! That's a tough one! We can laugh now:)

  9. I am just now catching up on your week and it was SO FUN!! How neat to learn all that about you...

    I'm sorry I don't have anything embarrassing about myself to add today...not that nothing embarrassing hasn't ever happened to me, but I guess my memory has blocked that stuff out! lol!

    Have a blessed day!

    p.s. When we get to TX and I have that big garden, I will be learning how to can....Be sure to join me via my blog for that adventure!! :p

  10. So funny/tragic!! I have too many of those times to count. Here are just a couple:
    I was a Mary Kay Director speaking to a group of several hundred when I looked down and realized my dress was on completely backwards....I just owned up to it right then and there and went on with it!!

    Another time I was walking through a Dept. store with my daughter. We always squirted a little perfume on us while walking through. This time I decided to try a different one....squirted and squirted around my neck, hair, ears, etc. (You get the picture). The saleslady and my daughter literally went into hysterics when they realized I had squired a purple lotion all over instead of perfume! I had purple lotion dripping from my curls (it was the 80's) and all over the front of my clothes! I also reeked for days!
    LOVE it when things like that happen!!

  11. So you've always been one to make others laugh! :)

    Thanks again for the invite to share a moment as well.


  12. That really is funny. You made me smile! Love the photos too! I need to get a scanner.

  13. Great story..and I promise, I am laughing WITH you.

  14. Kim,

    Mary is right, that was a tender age and I am so glad you were able to pull through and now laugh about it!!

    This was a good idea for Friday Funnies.....thanks for sharing with us!

    Love ya and thanks for still praying! I am anxious to get back to Florida. Dad started chemo and radiation and doesn't sound like he is doing good to me....

    Happy Friday!!!!

  15. Hi it's me again. Sorry I had the wrong link in the widget. If you would remove the first one please. Sorry again. Happy Birthday.

  16. LOLOLOL!

    I played basketball all through high school. One time we were playing a really cinchy team. The game wasn't even intense, but somehow out of the blue a BIG bowling ball head boinged right into my whole face almost causing me to pass out. I only saw a few big and little dippers floating around in front of me not a bear or anything like that.

    I was escorted off the court, and soon I heard an "Uh Oh" from my teammates. This was their way of alerting me to the fact that I lost half of my front tooth. My whole face was numb from the blow, and I didn't realize until I checked with my tongue that A girl named Bambi just bammed and transformed me into a freak in front of a whole town of people. It wasn't a large town, but the population was more than the number of years old you will be turning soon!

    The game was stopped temporarily so the officials and the coaches could walk around the court to search for the broken off piece.
    I wanted to hide under the bleachers, and I DID NOT open my mouth again for the rest of the game.

    No, they didn't find my dearly departed!
    Oh how I wish that 11th grade ordeal
    was just a figment of my imagination!

    (but you can call me Moi!)

  17. Oh my poor muddy friend!! Thanks so much for sharing your moment (and what a moment it was!) with us!

    And I love your pics!! Gotta love the 80's! :)

    I know I had tons of embarrassing moments, but they all seem to have faded away - LOL. I do remember one when I was in grade school though.

    I was playing at my friend's house and went to use the bathroom - flung open the door and much to my surprise there was her DAD in the bathtub taking a bath!!!! He was quite startled and blurted out - don't you knock?? I slammed the door shut, ran full speed down the hall into my friend's room and then hid under her bed...for a long time - LOL!!! I thought he would be so mad, but of course he never said a word about it!

    Have a fabulous weekend my friend! Big if-only-people-realized-then-how-much-money-some-people-would-pay-to-be-covered-in-mud-everybody-would-have-been-jealous-instead-of-laughing hugs to you!! :)

  18. Okay Kim you want embarrassing moments-- Try having two local towns with Wal-mart in them that you frequent-- you have to go to the bathroom "reallllly" badly and the bathrooms are the complete opposite of each other so you run walk in thinking you are getting the "wo"mans when you got the "Wow" Mens room--- went right into stall not noticing anything til mens shoes appear in the next stall! Need I say more --

    No I am not signing my name as it is too embarrassing!

  19. I can absolutely picture you in that position! LOL. I'm just so glad you don't mind sharing all of this while we laugh along. You have a wonderful sense of humor. My mom would have loved you Kim! She always was the jokster in our family and could easily laugh at herself. Cute photos from the past too. I'm glad I didn't miss this one.

    Are you going to do answer my more serious question tomorrow?

  20. Lordamercy! I'd have died a thousand deaths. But it sounds like you handled it well. :-)


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